01 September 2014

Ikea stuffs - of rearranging n assembling

Our small project post a whole day trip to Ikea last Saturday. Thought of adding some Expedit shelves to the corner of the stairs, but after a 2nd thought we just bring down our existing one from the living hall upstairs. That empty space previously occupied by the Expedit might be replaced by Billy, probably on our nx trip. Anyway i think they hv discontinued the Expedit series n replaced it by Kallax; they just look almost the same to our eyes.

We had some wishlist that still remain in the list at the moment; a double decker wood bed frame in birch for the kids' room, a shoe rack n a Poang rocking chair with red cushion which i think would be good when i want to breastfeed the lil one n put him/her into sleep afterwards (while the mommy also hv the chance to doze off as well!)

So we brought home just few little stuffs n not forgotten settling for the meatballs craving over the hectic lunch hour. They still dont put the bestseller Daim cake on sale, so we took the almond n classic cheesecake instead. Also their giant n cheap chicken curry puffs n the 80sen vanilla ice cream for tea-time before we headed home...marbeles!

adding some green to our humble kitchen. Jgn mati sudahlah hehe
multipurpose trolley. takdela penting pon tapi saje je beli..esok kalo wat open house senang leh letak barang hihi
the Expedit shelves from upstairs now relocated next to the stairs...with some Ikea vases bought yearsss ago.

A trofast + Expedit + a standing lamp 

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