03 September 2014

Review - Skin Food Black Sugar Mask and Serum

These are some of the Korean products that I’ve bought during our recent Jeju-Seoul trip and currently used as part of my facial routine.

Black Sugar Perfect First Serum – 21,000 won
My very first serum in my entire life after 34 years, haha jakun amats I’m telling you. My geng lunch said serum is one of the must-buy items in Korea, hence I just took whatever brand that first catch my interest and attention. I asked the salesgirl what’s your best product range, and she quickly uttered the ‘Black Sugar’ range…so kita rembat yg tu jelah yer. Review:  Nice bottle and packaging nevertheless slightly heavy. The odor and texture is ok. I use it daily every morning after applying the toner n before moisturizer. Any improvement? honestly I don’t know haha sorry if I’m not helping!

Black Sugar Mask Wash Off – 7000++ won,
Can’t remember its exact price, have to go back n dig the receipt. Bought this simply because k.tie said this is super good and effective in removing black heads. The price in KL is around RM40++, and I got it in Korea at about half price cheaper…value for money huh! Review: super love its lime scent…sgt wangi and refreshing! Very dark brown in color, mcm caramelized sugar yg hampir hangus. Its sugar particles are quite rough and coarse, hence it does wonders to scrub your face to remove that stubborn residue. You have to apply some water onto the mask to avoid skin irritation. I use it once or twice a week, and super love the after-effect:)

I am yet to use that Black Sugar Mask Foam, will share my review later yer. Next year perhaps? hehe

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