12 October 2014

Cream puff and salted caramel cheesecake

...of satisfying the endless sweet cravings hence i baked these beauties over the weekend.
Lepas makan gigih naik scale just to ensure the kilos do not go overboard teheee. Takut kena diabetic wooo therefore i would try to balance up by drinking lots of plain water. Also to refrain myself from eating that delicious nasi lemak Man everyday on weekdays and instead just taking roti peanut butter and grapes. P.a.t.h.e.t.i.c.

Anyway the back pain that im having is getting worsen as days goes by. Bangun pagi sakit, bangun dr solat sakit, berdiri lama masa ironing sakit...adoilah there's still 4 mths+ to go not sure how to overcome the pain. If i can remember correctly i did not have much pain during my last 3 pregnancies except towards nearing the full term. This time around could it be due to aging factor perhaps? hurmmmm

Have a nice weekend peeps. Im done with cooking sup tulang (my 1st time ever msk tulang!) and ayam msk merah for lunch. Later to continue reading 'Mudahnya Menjemput Rezeki' suggested by hub. Been trying to avoid watching k-drama n switch to reading instead!

1 adunan yields around 12pcs only. kejap je masuk perut :p
 plain cheesecake with salted caramel sauce + dark choc ganache + strawberries...mmg heaven :)

dah baca halfway..mmg recommended! easy to comprehend, real life examples given...sgt dekat di hati. Antara caption yg paling terkesan di hati...'milik kita bukan semua rezeki kita'. Contoh: pendapatan sebulan kita, ada portion yg kita beri pada org lain..maka menjadi rezeki orang itu dan bukan hak kita.  Antara cara yg paling mudah 'menjemput rezeki'...utamakan solat di awal waktu, buat solat tahajjud dan dhuha, dan bykkan berzikir. 


AMIIZAA said...

salams yati...kak mieja teruja betul tgk cake yati yg cantik tu:):)

y@tipruzz said...

mekasih kak! free style je pon guna piping bag hehe