19 October 2014

Resepi homemade muesli bar yg sedap!

This recipe is a combination of several recipes that i googled from the internet. Honest confession, it's my very first time eating oats so to speak. I am not really a fan of oats, or muesli, or any other fibre-related food, but the fact that i've gained 3kg within just a month during my last pregnancy check up somehow sent a red alert to the body. The mind is telling that i must do a lil bit of modification to my breakfast meal, no more nasi lemak Pak Man everyday yer!

Before trying out with this recipe, i've recently bought 2 boxes of on-the-shelves ready made muesli bars, Nature Valley roasted almond and Yogood blueberry and cranberry flavours. My review: NV was lil bit too hard to munch, lack of sweetness and pretty bland. Yogood, on the other hand was way too sweet even for a sweet-tooth person like me, probably because of its yogurt coated cream. My staff had also introduced me with her favourite brand called Carman's. Taste-wise oklah but i don't really like it due to the strong hint of cinnamon unless u are a die-hard fan of cinnamon.

 So now lets get back to the recipe. I used 2 cups of rolled oats (brand Pristines, well i just picked up one of the cheapest brand on the shelves haha), 2 cups of honey cornflakes, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of honey and 150g butter (i didnt really weigh the butter, pakai agak2 jer hehe). Melt the butter, sugar and honey together in a medium-sized saucepan. Once melted, mixed together with the oats and cornflakes. Oh u can also use any other cereals to ur liking e.g. rice pops, cocoa pops, bran flakes, nestum, etc.

Then add in your favourite chopped nuts and fruits. In my case i used toasted almonds, walnuts, black raisins and cranberries...tu je pon yg ada dlm fridge sebenarnya :p Again i didnt measure them exactly, just agak2 jer ikut preference memasing la yer. Bila all ingredients dah mixed together, boleh la rasa tahap kemanisan dia. If u find it too sweet, boleh tambah oats and cereals lagik...if kurang manis, add in some honey/melted brown sugar.

Line up your baking pan with greasing paper, masukkan muesli mixture tadi and press them thoroughly and evenly throughout ur whole pan. Tekan2 byk kali kasik mampat yer. Then bake in the oven for 30 minutes or so until the muesli turns into golden brown. Cool them completely, then cut into rectangular shapes or squares & keep into an airtight container.

My review - rasa dia chewy gooey but not too chewy macam Carman's, taklah manis sgt macam Yogood, texture-wise tak keras mcm Nature Valley. In summary it matches our tastebuds perfectly! Surprisingly idlan pon suke and i notice hubby took them as snacks in between meals. Anyway korang adjust lah tahap kemanisan tu ikut citarasa masing2...selamat mencuba!!

Rolled oats+honey cornflakes+walnuts+almond+raisins+cranberries. Mixed all of them together.

Next, add in melted butter, brown sugar and honey. Stir thoroughly the mixture until well-blend.
tossed them into ur baking pan
and press thoroughly sampai mampat!
cut into squares/rectangles once cooled completely
say bye to ready made muesli bars! cewahhh

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