30 May 2005

the 51/2 mth-old Idlan Farhan!

What Idlan can do?

- other babies of same age already managed to meniarap..but Idlan only manages to memusingkan badannyer...especially to left side..nvmd boy, keep on trying yeah yeahh!!!
- recently likes to sleep turning to the left, with left hand stay underneath
- babbles to himself, mama n abah most of the time to attract attention :P (sounds like this --> mamamamamamam yum yum yum yum)
- out of 9 babies in the nursery, Idlan is better known to akak2 nursery as the one yg suke bebel, bercakap dan merungut unlike the rest yg lebih suke senyap jer.
- plays a new trick of which mama n abah only found out after several attempts ---> buat-buat batuk kecik a few times when he get bored staying inside the stroller...then bila mama/abah dukung, automatically the cough went off. Then bila letak balik dlm stroller, buat balik batuk2 kecik as if mmg dia batuk bebetul. Later on baru kitorang perasan ni trick je senarnyer hish hishh!!!
- feed with spoon! The sweetest one over all i suppose for am really enjoyed watching him open up his mouth waiting for the spoon to reach his mouth...ala sweetnyer! Bila mama lambat sket jer dia dah start bunyi mamamammamamama... clever boy! Bila spoon sampai kat mulut, kaki dia sibuk kodek-kodek cam swimming :p
- auto turn to silent mode when he sees mama/abah praying..and stare to either of us dgn khusyuk skali!

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