02 June 2005

hikmah of sedekah...

Here's my routine early in the morning upon reaching the office:
- login to my Avaya IP phone
- turn on the pc
- open up the intra mail, take a glimpse on the one that is urgent/important
- read thru friends' blogs (memula wajib bukak limaunipis punyer --> Aida ko patut bangga nih!)

And now i would like to discuss one issue posted by kak tini dewi in her blog wrg to the hikmah of sedekah!

Well, sedekah membawa barakah..that's what been taught to us by our dear teachers back in our schooldays.
Thinking way back on my monthly income/earning/extras, am glad that i could still have buffers at the end of the month, considering the fact that i've put aside portion of it for savings, parents' allowances, nursery fees, car loan, bills, household expenses, etc. And thinking of it made me realize of the blessing Allah gives u for being able to 'properly' channel the money to the right way...serves u right kan..alhamdulillah for that.

Talking about my bonus, where goes all the money? Hmm detailed budget was drawn up right away after the cash was bank in onto my account. So how was the allocation? Majority of it goes to my ASB, some was allocated to treat my family+parents for mkn-mkn and holiday, some was spent for Idlan's new clothes, pay lawyer's fee for our new house, main bowling kat IOI, bayar zakat yg dah pending lama dah andddd that's it! None of it was spent for myself (as at today la), name it new clothes ke, tudung ker, pants ker, kasut ker, ape ker...not that i'm too stingy and berkira when it comes to money but it's just that i feel all those money was already spent wisely the way it was! But for those who read Azizi Ali's collection, i suppose some of u can still remember one thing raised by him, spent for yourself first before others. And to me, tak rugi ke tak guna duit bonus beli baju baru, kasut baru, handbag baru? The answer is NOT ....tapi kalau tak beli baju baru untuk Idlan, the answer is YES :p (and that's because i couldnt control myself for not buying baju baru for him every month...tak kisahla ade bonus ke takde bonus ke...hehe teruk gak nih senarnyer)

So, looking back at my real point of discussion..sedekah membawa barakah. For my case, i guess spending the cash for my family & parents are more than enough to bring total joy and satisfaction to myself. For those not yet married, probably they might be thinking ye ker ehhh rasa macam tuh? Believe me u will..just wait for the day to come...most of the time, family comes first..self goes to the second. But am not encouraging you people not to spend money for yourselves..no noo...that is not the point, after all the money is all yours. You own the money, so decisions are in your hand. Am not saying that you cannot spend it for leisure2 things, of course u can...go ahead...different people have different opinions..the way they satisfy themselves may differ from others....so you people, act wisely, manage your money wisely as well....and you'll be happy and thank for that!


puterikiut said...

kak nieta setuju sangat.. kita serupa.. mmg tak leh tahan nak beli baju baby.. pantang nampak kan..

yatipruzz said...

hehe tak tahula caner saya kalo dpt baby girl nanti...sure kopak :p