16 June 2005

cuti cuti cuti!

7/6 - EL
18/6 - free one-night stay @ grand continental KL
21/6 - J card Day @ Mid Valley...still not sure whether to apply for leave or not
23/6 - Cuti rehat. Sis in law going back to M'sia
25/6 - Raudhah aka ex-hosmet putrajaya family gathering at ulu yam/gabai/tekala waterfalls
29/6-3/7 - Book off. Going back to hubby's hometown --> Kedah
15-16/7 - trip to Genting

August - planning to go back to umi's hometown in Kelantan plus shoping @ rantau panjang

Hmm looking at the calendar, am stunned to realize that how bz i am for the mth of june and july :p

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