26 June 2005

talking about "shopping"!

Linking up to all the summaries made by Pn Limau, Aini and kak Tini on their almost-one-day shopping experience @ mid valley jusco sale, a bit (read: only a bit ehhh!) sense of jealousy striked my mind...hish hish really wish i could be like one of them on that day, being in JJ..walking and rushing here n there, looking for this and that...bla bla blaa....but, there's a BUT ok....i've been to the IOI J Card day a month before that, and having spent a few hundreds there made me to think many many times of whether to go for the mid valley one or not!

And now i guess i've chosen the right decision, a very right one indeed! Instead of giving Jusco a few hundreds more (to add on what Limau, Aini and the rest had contributed to them :p), i've channeled my money to the sellers at Nilai 3 yesterday nyeh nyehhhh. It was our first time being there, and the mere reason of going to Nilai 3 was because everybody keep on saying "U must go there one day, rugi woo kalau tak pegi"!
Having my mum and sis in law in KL, and considering the fact that my mum in law tersangatlah teringin nak pergi sana, so there we go. It was not that far from KL, took us only about 40 min to reach there, and we have plenty of shops selling lots of items, ranging from ready-made clothes, curtains, toys, kain ela, seramic vase, flowers, teakwood furnitures, and many more! At the very beginning, the sellers managed to get us confused..hehe we got so much confused for there are lots and tonnes of choices with great, cheap and reasonable deal! Rambang mata sehhhh...and i almost got nothing for myself until my sis in law took the initiative by buying sepasang kain baju kurung, then goes my mum buying 3 pasang for herself, and last sekali, barulah saya bersemangat memilih kain utk diri sendiri hehe..pening pening nak pilih!

I ended up getting sepasang kain baju kurung, one shoe and one ladies napsack..and that's it! Hoho a bit proud with myself for all those 3 stuffs only cost me less than hundred...and many thanks to my hubby for taking care of Idlan most of the time, and special thanks to my cutie Idlan for he's the only reason for me not to spend more! And thank u so much to mak for the marroon kain baju melayu for Idlan..sure comel Idlan and cousin dia Aiman pakai baju melayu same colour raye nih! So it looks like mama and abah have to get marroon colour hari raye suit as well!

I bet if we didnt take him along, the tendency of buying more gonna increase, and so thus the probability of money being channeled out :p

1. me ---> aiming to go there again, but next time do not bring your babies/kids if u intend to shop with peace; with extra shopping hours than usual!
2. Month of June - rezeki buat Idlan for he got more than 5 piece of new clothes from mama, one suit of cloth+pant+vest/jacket from Mak Ude from Wales, one shirt+pant tenderly again courtesy to Mak Ude, and kain baju melayu for Raya from mak :))))) ....no wonder muka Idlan berseri-seri bulan nih hehehe

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