28 June 2005

Monday the hectic day!

Last night i received sms from Aida saying she's gonna EL today for her niece/nephew fell into drain and was scheduled for an op today. Early in the morning, again another sms from Vatsala saying she's going to mc today coz last night she met with an accident at 1030pm and unfortunately no 24hrs clinic avail at her place. And i already knew zaiti is on leave till wed for a long holiday in Langkawi..and Florence is also taking her own sweet time finishing her annual leave for she'll be leaving TM next coming July.....and the BIG question is...who's gonna be at the office today??? Monday the hectic day??? alaaaa harunyerr rasa. Out of 7 people at the front place, only 2 left today..me and kak sha...luckily i got her around to accompany me..kalo idak mati kutu duk kat depan ni sesorang...with tonnes of dockets (as usual for Monday) to be cleared, alahai lemahnyer badan...plus the headache yg datang since bangun tido pagi nih, sampai rasa loya2 satu badan nak muntah.
And i got myself sebatang lime ice cream and rm1 cekodok for lunch...(hoping that i could get rid off the loya2 yang dirasakan) It was miracle to feel that the headache went away in the middle of eating the ice cream and 5 min later, there comes back the headache...hampes betul!!........and now it's already 527pm with still lots of dockets waiting to be cleared and solved...and suddenly i realized hubby got class till 6pm..and that means i still couldnt go back at 530pm...and the bestest part is i had to answer the same boring question from everyone passing around asking me "Mane pegi sumer orang??" Ohh am so pathetic! --------> i hate Monday!!!

p/s: tetiba teringat kat Zaiti, sure best dia tgh bershopping-shopping sakan kat langkawi...huhu jelesnyer aku kat ko!

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