08 January 2007

The new subject drives my nerves to the max. The associate prof. came in to our first class, telling stories, jokes and some basic concepts on the subject, asked us to identify our group, then later on assigned case study and suddenly asked us to get prepared for presentation immediately on the next day. No rough ideas on what to do, no knowledge on the subject, no nothing…and you have to come out with solutions to the case study. And being a ‘wise’ student, myself and my group member dgn bangganya volunteered for case study 1, until to find out that our case was the longest amongst all, 30 pages men!….and all we had was ONLY one night to work on it! Menyesal tak go thru all the cases first before volunteer nak case mane…padan sgtla muka kitorang berdua L

So that night, I opened the newly-bought textbook, after a few pages eyes could hardly-opened already, so that’s it. I closed the book, set the clock at 230am, to wake up and continue reading, solve the case, and prepare the presentation slides. Lucky me I woke up as exactly as I wished to, managed to settle everything by the time azan subuh berkumandang. Siap2 sumer, terus drive ke klas, drop idlan at umi’s,…kepala agak serabut due to lack of sleep, we had no rehearsal, no nothing, Tapi alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan segalanya, presentation smooth, Q&A ok, sumer ok kot.

And after the second meeting ended, again the professor put us in dreaded situation. The individual assignment should demonstrate the highest standards of excellence in conceptualization, exposition, methodology, and craftsmanship. Students should demonstrate how their analysis illuminates a significant research problem or answers an important research question, of general interest in entrepreneurship and small business.

……………dia expect kita come out with research proposal and paper macam budak2 phd! Adoiii kami bukan student phd prof, kami cuma amik mba…kenapakah ditorture sedemikian rupa???

…..dahla internet slow banget, camner nak come out with good articles, journals and references prof??? dahla kena submit dlm masa 3 minggu, dahla ade case study lain, group assignment lain, test dan sebagainya.

Dahla aku tgh bz nak pindah….

Adus aku tgh stress!


ude said...

huhu..siannye...takpe..hidup mesti tabah...heheh..
how's idlan ?..mak ckp skang kl tepon dh dgr die bising2 kat belakang..selamat berpindah..
kitchen br style ape?

tini said...

huish takut nyer aku dgr citer ko pasal mba ni. mmg cam tu ke style nyer? ish ish ish kalu aku tak terkejar nyer nak buat assignment ke presentation ker dalam masa sehari jer. takpe yati, ko bleh buat. kalu aku mmg penat nyer :)

yatipruzz said...

hehe tabah tabah kalo tak tabah mau dah drop terus :p Prof tu giler aar hishhh

idlan baik skang, behave jer, jarang buat perangai. Cuma dia tersgtla manja. Mulut pon bley tahan, comel je bila dia ckp ehehe

myjulieyana said...

isk.. cuaknyer nak ambik MBA nih yati.. tgh pk2 nak ambik Masters Engin plak.. huhu.. entry 2008 la kot

yatipruzz said...

tini - dia ikut lecturer. kalo kena prof yg gempak2 tu, mmg siapla student. 1st subject aku dulu senang giler..yg ni 10x ganda susah kot huhu

siku|at said...

tapi yati.. kami yakin yati bleh.. ((mba issue))

tadi kite lawat rumah baru awak.. hehehhe.. cun cun.. dah siap dah nampak.. bleh sgt dah pindah masuk. Errr.. kite nak tiru design by pruzz on kitchen cabinet laa.. hehehehe.. bleh bleh ??

yatipruzz said...

haha semah dah tgk umah? yati sendiri blom tgk umah kitorang after cat and install kc tuh.

kc pruzz design, copyright reserved, nnt kena royalti ahakss :p

nak pindah nak pindah tapi takde masa huhuhuhuu otakku serabut helppps

farradasmiley said...

waduh stressnyer
kalau aku dah nangis
stress2 jugak..goal nak pindah mesti on jugak
go yati go!!
boleh kami jenguk umah barumu pulak

yatipruzz said...

farra - aku tak nangis lagi, tapi asyik membebel sesorang :(

kitorang pindah jumaat ni 19hb insya allah

after everything settel bley la open to visitors hehe..skang jgn, umah tgh berkecah giler, nnt aku double triple stress

Anonymous said...

bestnyer yati nak masuk umah baru...tak sabo nak tgk kitchen cabinet yati..nanti dah siap sume amik gambo k...bleh tgk..slamat ngemas...

gerun nak amik master la camni..adui..hehe..tabahkan hatimu k...gud luck..

ummi lutfi n balqis..

yatipruzz said...

hehe ummi balqis tgh pantang pon baca blog eh...

jgn gerun sue...bukan sumer subject susah..ade gak yg senang :)