03 January 2007


We bid farewell to 2006, and welcome 2007. Im looking forward for better health, happiness and prosperous for my family and frens. Started the New Year by coming early to the office, such a good start isn’t it? And as expected, only a few person turns out today, the rest are on EL, AL, etc. Again as expected we receive massive number of dockets, but we’re coping very well. No more stress stress ok!

Well I hope the new year will evidence me turning into a better person i.e better wife, better mom, and better employee to my company. Hope I can be more tolerate and considerate when it comes to ‘rumahtangga’ matter, be more patient dealing with idlan’s attitudes and behavior, and speak nicely to customers under any circumstances (even tho I know previously I’ve been doing quite well on this :p). And oh also performs well in my mba!

We’re moving out soon from Equine, its quite sad to leave the place after 3 yrs of staying there, with mc D within 3 minutes drive from home, jusco, kedai mamak and all. There’ll be no more frequent bubur ayam mc d for idlan’s dinner, and I have to cook religiously from now, also to ensure that my porridge tastes as nice as mc d’s (except for the extra ajinomoto part :p)

Idlan’s speech is progressing well alhamdulillah, he now speaks a lot of words, sort of impress with him actually J. He can imitate people; he can pretend to be ‘hantu’ and scary people, he can ‘geletek’ us, and he sometimes drown in his own imaginary world, speaking alone and telling story to himself. He even asks me to feed his spiderman or cicakman while im feeding him. And yes he now becomes a fanatic fan of cicakman, no more mr incredibles I supposed! Guess his favourite toy is what? Pencil pencil and pencil! Suke benar dia menulis and color…nampak je iklan faber castell ke, stabillo ker…terus dia jerit idlan nak tu nak tu nak tu!

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tini said...

happy new year yati! nanti dah complete pindah, boleh la kami g melawat :)