29 January 2007


Finally, the much-awaited exam is over. It was my first open book exam, and it was kinda funny for the prof let us go out for coffee break after about 1/2hr the test started. Surely he couldnt expect us not to discuss on the question amongst us during the break. Surely we'll be chit-chatting on it and make comparisons bla bla bla....but the prof is such a wise and intelligent prof...he designed the question in a way that not much can be discussed even if we sit down and brain storm. It was a case study, a ten-page to be exact with five sub questions, which requires us to discuss and present our own arguments, and i believe there's no right or wrong answers. Me and my friends, instead of discussing on it, we just enjoyed our delicious nasi lemak, kuih and coffee, and only touched a bit on it. After about 20 min break, we entered the room and continue writing... and then the prof interrupted, announcing that there is no time limit for the exam! and one of the students said, what happen if we cant finish by evening prof? and the prof said, by that time u wont even have the energy to write!

Suddenly the prof said he'll stop us at 1pm. Kelam kabut makcik nak abiskan writing haha

btw am looking forward for the next 2 weeks for my final presentation. Hope there's not much surprise happen on that day :) And we'll be interviewing the MD of Dikayu Nasi Kandar this coming wednesday for our group project....ade rezeki dptla mkn nasi kandar free :p

Next week dah start subject baru...masuk ke-4 tinggal lagi 10 yes laaa!


mardhiah12 said...

cepat gila beb ko. express gitu. aku gak baru nak habis 6 subjek..baru jer...tapi lega gak la, dah dekat setahun tupanya aku amik MBA. UIA belajar double speed, assignment pun byk..muahaha..85 baru A..argh (nih aku tension sikit, struggle nak kejar 85). no open book. kenalah study cam maut gak..

anyway, good luck untuk ko. aku tinggal one paper, and finance pulak tu. tahulah masuk kelas finance mmg blurry dari dulu. sbb tu sku tanak buat finance specialisation..muahaha

yatipruzz said...

a'aa..aku pon tak sangka seekspress gini cam naik flight plak hehe

ko dah 6? okla tu aku baru setel 3.
3 subject dlm masa 4 bulan :)

gud lucks! aku blom masuk paper2 yg hard core lagi hehe

aida said...

yelah, go go go
as usual, aku nak jadi DO je