29 January 2007


Finally, the much-awaited exam is over. It was my first open book exam, and it was kinda funny for the prof let us go out for coffee break after about 1/2hr the test started. Surely he couldnt expect us not to discuss on the question amongst us during the break. Surely we'll be chit-chatting on it and make comparisons bla bla bla....but the prof is such a wise and intelligent prof...he designed the question in a way that not much can be discussed even if we sit down and brain storm. It was a case study, a ten-page to be exact with five sub questions, which requires us to discuss and present our own arguments, and i believe there's no right or wrong answers. Me and my friends, instead of discussing on it, we just enjoyed our delicious nasi lemak, kuih and coffee, and only touched a bit on it. After about 20 min break, we entered the room and continue writing... and then the prof interrupted, announcing that there is no time limit for the exam! and one of the students said, what happen if we cant finish by evening prof? and the prof said, by that time u wont even have the energy to write!

Suddenly the prof said he'll stop us at 1pm. Kelam kabut makcik nak abiskan writing haha

btw am looking forward for the next 2 weeks for my final presentation. Hope there's not much surprise happen on that day :) And we'll be interviewing the MD of Dikayu Nasi Kandar this coming wednesday for our group project....ade rezeki dptla mkn nasi kandar free :p

Next week dah start subject baru...masuk ke-4 tinggal lagi 10 yes laaa!

23 January 2007

Alhamdulillah kami dah selamat tido di rumah baru. Mlm ni bakal malam ke-5. Tido tenang, lena, tade gangguan. Cuma mlm pertama aku takut nak turun bawah (hehe umah sendiri pon takut :p)

Barang-barang 85% dah unpacked, except baju sendiri, masih elok tersimpan dlm kotak...takper slow slow okeh! Semlm secara official dah rasmi dapur baru, setelah sekian lama dapur tak berasap since bulan Ramadhan, makanyer semlm dapatla pruz ngan idlan merasa masakan mama dia....tp masak sempoi jer la :p

Dari jumaat sampai ahad mmg kemas brg gegiler punyer..sampaikan aku hampir ilang suara. Rumah sgtla berdebu, sehari mau 3x aku mop...mungkin sbb byk rumah tgh renovate kot, tu yg berdebu je tuh.

Jiran sebelah still belum masuk, selang satu rumah adela, jiran depan pon ade...so tadela cuak sgt. Jiran sumer ok, baik2 belaka...90% community melayu. Semlm ronda naik motor, first time pi jenguk umah jiran kesayangan a.k.a zarid hehe...selalunyer derang yg jenguk umah kami, manjangla muka si famy terpacul depan umah....semlm kitorang plak pi jengah umah depa.

Idlan masih dihantar ke nursery lama...sbb dah bayar kan so kenala antar sampai cukup bulan. Sian plak nak antar dia ke nursery baru Feb nanti, harap2 nursery baru cikgu bebaik, kengkawan pon bebaik sumer.

Sape suke mkn mushroom soup with garlic bread? Ni saya letak resepi garlic spread, thanks to Azatul my ofismate..dia yg introduce kan homemade recipe ni kat ofis kami..mmg sedapppp and jimats banget..so sape suke balik nnt boleh buat ok.

Garlic Spread
bwg putih a.k.a garlic (pakai bebyk, saya pakai 1.5 labu)
butter (seketul)
daun parsley - finely chopped
chicken stock - agak2 je kasik rasa masin sket

so gaul rata sumer bhn2 kat atas tuh..siap! Boleh store dlm fridge or letak luar pon ok.
Kitorang mkn camtuh je, sapu garlic spread, bakar roti, bau dia harum semerbak...super duper yummy :)

Resepi mushroom soup saya tak igt even tho Atul dah ajar..hehe nnt akan ku cari and post kan next time ok.

17 January 2007

to do list

17-18/1 - settle kan discussion n analysis, conclusion
18/1 - training smart orange
19-22/1 - cuti rehat...19/1 saya pindah, cuti lama kemas umah...sambil kemas sambil setelkan assignment kalo larat
23/1 - pegi antar agreement scholar kat menara, pastuh blk ofis terus
23/1 - standby kat bilik gerakan banjir 10pm-8am -->sambil tu kena study huhu
24/1 - sah2 aku dpt book off...cover tido, bgn tido kena study!
25/1 - study, wat group assignment
26/1 - cuti blajar, pulun study habis-habisan, finalize slides, practise presentation
27/1 - case study presentation
28/1- exam exam exam!
29-2/2 - setelkan individual assignment, group assignment, slides, practise presentation
3/2 - big presentation on individual assignment, 25% carry marks u :p
4/2- final class, tapi aku igt nak ponteng, pegi ikea nyeh nyehh
10/2 - dah start sem baru, subject baru...

................tade break..penat penat

mac/april - nak gi langkawi..ilangkan stress hehe

so esok sampai senin saya takde...usah rindukan daku ok ahakssss

08 January 2007

The new subject drives my nerves to the max. The associate prof. came in to our first class, telling stories, jokes and some basic concepts on the subject, asked us to identify our group, then later on assigned case study and suddenly asked us to get prepared for presentation immediately on the next day. No rough ideas on what to do, no knowledge on the subject, no nothing…and you have to come out with solutions to the case study. And being a ‘wise’ student, myself and my group member dgn bangganya volunteered for case study 1, until to find out that our case was the longest amongst all, 30 pages men!….and all we had was ONLY one night to work on it! Menyesal tak go thru all the cases first before volunteer nak case mane…padan sgtla muka kitorang berdua L

So that night, I opened the newly-bought textbook, after a few pages eyes could hardly-opened already, so that’s it. I closed the book, set the clock at 230am, to wake up and continue reading, solve the case, and prepare the presentation slides. Lucky me I woke up as exactly as I wished to, managed to settle everything by the time azan subuh berkumandang. Siap2 sumer, terus drive ke klas, drop idlan at umi’s,…kepala agak serabut due to lack of sleep, we had no rehearsal, no nothing, Tapi alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan segalanya, presentation smooth, Q&A ok, sumer ok kot.

And after the second meeting ended, again the professor put us in dreaded situation. The individual assignment should demonstrate the highest standards of excellence in conceptualization, exposition, methodology, and craftsmanship. Students should demonstrate how their analysis illuminates a significant research problem or answers an important research question, of general interest in entrepreneurship and small business.

……………dia expect kita come out with research proposal and paper macam budak2 phd! Adoiii kami bukan student phd prof, kami cuma amik mba…kenapakah ditorture sedemikian rupa???

…..dahla internet slow banget, camner nak come out with good articles, journals and references prof??? dahla kena submit dlm masa 3 minggu, dahla ade case study lain, group assignment lain, test dan sebagainya.

Dahla aku tgh bz nak pindah….

Adus aku tgh stress!

03 January 2007


We bid farewell to 2006, and welcome 2007. Im looking forward for better health, happiness and prosperous for my family and frens. Started the New Year by coming early to the office, such a good start isn’t it? And as expected, only a few person turns out today, the rest are on EL, AL, etc. Again as expected we receive massive number of dockets, but we’re coping very well. No more stress stress ok!

Well I hope the new year will evidence me turning into a better person i.e better wife, better mom, and better employee to my company. Hope I can be more tolerate and considerate when it comes to ‘rumahtangga’ matter, be more patient dealing with idlan’s attitudes and behavior, and speak nicely to customers under any circumstances (even tho I know previously I’ve been doing quite well on this :p). And oh also performs well in my mba!

We’re moving out soon from Equine, its quite sad to leave the place after 3 yrs of staying there, with mc D within 3 minutes drive from home, jusco, kedai mamak and all. There’ll be no more frequent bubur ayam mc d for idlan’s dinner, and I have to cook religiously from now, also to ensure that my porridge tastes as nice as mc d’s (except for the extra ajinomoto part :p)

Idlan’s speech is progressing well alhamdulillah, he now speaks a lot of words, sort of impress with him actually J. He can imitate people; he can pretend to be ‘hantu’ and scary people, he can ‘geletek’ us, and he sometimes drown in his own imaginary world, speaking alone and telling story to himself. He even asks me to feed his spiderman or cicakman while im feeding him. And yes he now becomes a fanatic fan of cicakman, no more mr incredibles I supposed! Guess his favourite toy is what? Pencil pencil and pencil! Suke benar dia menulis and color…nampak je iklan faber castell ke, stabillo ker…terus dia jerit idlan nak tu nak tu nak tu!