15 January 2010

mixed entry

This is rather a s scheduled entry, unable to put it online due to some reason.

1. Our friend, Siti Kartini @ Tini (ex-1090 and now in BSM) has safely delivered a healthy 3.5kg bb girl at An Nur last friday. I still havent gotten the chance to visit her, ampun sesgt yer kak. Pepe pon congrats to you! Happy confinement :p

2. Now we turn to a sad news. My ex-officemate back in 1090, Suriaya Hassan @ Kak Aya is now being warded at KPJ kajang last saturday, suspected of having stroke on her body's right hand side. we got the text from her husband Yusman, who happens to be a staff of tm too. My colleagues said it's truly saddening to see her back-ridden, unable to talk like usual. to those who know her in person, or ever encounter thru work-related matters, pls pray for her speedy recovery. Yang tak kenal pon but atas dasar kita sesama islam, do pls extend ur prayer as well yer. Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan kpd kak aya, suami & keluararganya utk menghadapi ujian yg maha besar ini. Sepertimana Zainal yg tabah dan setia mengharungi dugaan yg Dia berikan kepada isteri tercinta Hany, aku harap Yusman juga akan terus bersabar dan tabah, dan yakin bahawa kak aya akan sembuh and back to her usual bubbly self.

3. My dearest Firas is now in an nur, admitted since yesterday (monday) due to fever, vomiting and impetigo (go figure at google ok) infection at his hand & face. The four of us are now berkampung at the hospital, or 'hotel' like what idlan is referring to :p. The paed prescribed antibiotic via his IV line, and guess what he is one strong boy, never shed a single tears when his paed worked out the IV line :)


Anyway today is already friday. Firas has been discharged on wednesday and been taken care by his abah at home (thnx Yang!). I've back to the office yesterday, what a bad day to start with the heavy traffic flow in the morning, my gm commented a lot of things on my ocm paper hence i had to revise again, and a discussion that extends till 630pm causing me to reach home nearly at 730pm, just in time to break my fast.

hope today will be a lot more easier for me......

and alhamdulillah am in my 8th day of 'marathon' puasa today :) wish me luck!


Zuedin said...

kami doakan firas cepat sembuh. Maka esok sempat ke "ber kg" di taman desa?

y@tipruzz said...

malas gi kot. lagipon idlan ade klas kat SR every sabtu hehe