19 January 2010

Yesterday was very tiring. The morning began with a walk-thru session with my GM on our upcoming ocm paper, overall she was satisfied yet there’re still a lot to fine-tune here and there (for the xxth time I lost count already…nak muntah pon ade tgk tu jerrr). I was glued at my seat from 11ish till 330pm, taking a short break in between for zohor prayer, and by that time the migraine has taken its toll on me that I felt like vomiting and pengsan already (dahla pose huhu). Tak sempat nak tekan button ‘send’ agm dah datang tanye…paper siap lom? Dgn gumbiranya aku ckp... dah bos nak send la ni (dlm hati berdoa harap2 ni final ye bos, takmo tukar2 lagik dah!). Then I went straight to our store room cum ‘surau’, closed both eyes for few minutes with the hope the migraine will subside. But I guess the degree of pain was so strong that exactly at 430pm I terus ‘chiow’ from office, drive back home as fast as I can before our Matrix got splashed with any vomitting stain :p

So today I decided not to continue fasting, since I still felt the pain early this morning. Bosannya rasa, how I wish I am at Vietnam right now, together with my umi and papa yg sedang enjoy holidaying di sana……

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