07 September 2011

jalan raya

Oh yes, as per past years, the open house for 'jiran' has kick-start last night. We covered 2 houses, starting with the last row. The comrades gathered in front of my house around 840pm, and we begin our konvoi together with the kids. Last night's makan2 ends around 10.15pm, and tonight we shall continue with more house. Our turn will be on next Friday hehe (was thinking to fry macaroni & bake a brownies if time permits).

The kids enjoyed themselves to the max, so did the mommies n daddies. Seronok culture macam ni, like people says jiran sepakat membawa berkat kan!! Apart from that, we also plan to do pot luck during end of Syawal, where we will do some collections to rent the tents and buy paper plates n cups.

This weekend is already full with activity. I hope the kids savour the spirit of Syawal and program ziarah ni and understand the benefits of it. Like last night after the second house, idlan asked me 'lepas ni rumah sape pulak mama?' and i said "lepas ni balik la sambung esok pulak". I bet the two of them must be really looking forward for tonight's jalan2 raya :)

p/s: kome dah start pose sunat ke? hehe

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