26 September 2011

Open House 2/2 Taman Sutera

The blog has been kept silent for quite sometime. Apology for my lesser updates...at times i do feel like closing down the blog for no concrete reason. Like what i said to my friends, i just lose the energy to write. or maybe i dont have anything interesting to share with u all. Or maybe i'm bz making cakes n brownies haha.

Anyway these are few pics (credit to my jiran Sherry) taken during our taman's open house last Saturday. Unlike last yr, this time the concept was pot luck hence every mommies of the house must bring at least 1 dish for the jamuan. Me as usual made brownies and muffin..tu je skill yg reti :p I personally think pot luck is way much better than last yr when we outsource the main dish to caterers. Bila pot luck lagi byk variety :))

choc banana bottom square brownies - large size this time to cater for approx 20-30pax

and choc chips muffin for the kiddos!

we the jiran2 yg sekepala belaka!

from left: kak zarina, kak aina (ketua gosip from astro!), aida (tok ketua), kak kherry, seri @ nge nge, myself n sherry

mommies with the kiddos

our HBs

and us the mommies! ramai yg takde dlm pic actually huhu

meja tok sidang utk gosip2 terhangat dibawa khas dr reporter from astro :p

left: aida (tok ketua) , right (nge nge) pembaca setia blog aku :p

Our open house ended close to midnight. Syukur everything went well. We had enough time to catch up with each other (some of us actually meet once in a yr and this open house definitely met its objective of merapatkan silaturrahim sesama jiran haha), we had variety of foods be it malay style or western's (siap ada mushroom soup n bruchetta!), and the kids had a blast fun playing with each other.

To all my jirans, luv u all! Till we meet again on next yr's Syawal insya Allah :)

p/s: kpd jiranku aka pembaca blog tegarku, pruzz ckp karipap umah ko sedap la weh mane beli???

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