16 May 2013

Backdated orders

It's Thursday already, and we only left with 1 day before the weekend..how time flies!

First of all, Happy Teacher's Day to all the wonderful teachers in this world.
May Allah bless you with His rahmat, and grant you the endless strength and patience in educating your students.
I admit that i am not a good teacher to my children. It is not easy to keep up with your emotion and patience while teaching the kids, tak kena gaya we may tend to raise our voice and lose control during that period.
Hence, i salute all the teachers who manage to conduct their jobs well in raising and educating our kids, shaping their future and made them to become a better person. Terima kasih cikgu2, semoga Allah membalas segala jasa dan pengorbanan cikgu! Oh my wish also goes to hubby, who apparently is also a 'teacher' only that his students are of different level and age :)

Ok this is pecan butterscotch cake made for Baiti, which she ordered to be brought back to her kampung in Johor for a mother's day celebration. Baiti said the cake was a bit dense and heavy, and she prefers for a lighter texture in future. tq for the comment dik, we the bakers at times find it quite hard to suit everyone's taste. So far those who ordered this cake before said the texture was just nice to their likings. Now i have a person that says the cake is a bit dense...hurmm so i guess it's time to continue the searching for the ultimate pecan cake recipe! hehe

But baiti also said the cream and butterscotch sauce are yummie!...so i'll just stick to my current recipe then for these 2 parts! :p

walnut dcb, which also survived the journey to Johor on the same day. Sorry dik my handwriting goes haywire on this cracked-top brownie :p

Red velvet ordered by my colleague Yatie for her SIL.

As to date she sticks to rv all the time for her order...tak pernah bertukar :)

Devils food cake for mama buyung Nida who happened to have a bau-bau bacang with my hubby. tq dear for the self pick-up n cravings over my cake hehe..moga sentiasa sihat sepanjang tempoh pregnancy ni ok!

Red velvet ganache for my ex-neighbour Sherry who now moved to Seri Kembangan and settled there for good. Tqvm beb, moga ko bahagia selalu di sana! hehe

last but not least, walnut dcb for hubby's colleagues n peers in mmu.

I think now i've a new-found hobby which i shall share later in this space. Kind of excited and determine to work towards a healthy lifestyle....tapi baru 3 hari je pun start, so cannot tell much whether it'll remain as a hobby and passion, just like what i have with baking :p 

My umi just gotten back from her Europe trip. She finally had her first snow experience, which i envy the most. Mount Titlis Switzerland, i sure will come after you in the few years ahead insya Allah!

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