21 May 2013

school holiday is coming!

School holiday is coming! I am now left with 2 working days before taking a long 1 week break for the family's holiday i.e. hubby's cousin wedding back at his hometown in Kulim, then we're heading down wards to Pangkor, then a one night stay in Genting Highlands before going back to our home sweet home :)

Last Sunday Ammar had an infection at his larinks, him body temp spiked to 39.5 celcius, he lost his normal voice to a donald duck kind of voice (serak2 n halus comel bunyinya). He's getting better today, and we highly hope he will recover completely before our journey this friday.

A colorful red velvet cake for Roziana's son birthday celebration at his taska. Few hours after the celebration she emailed me saying this...
Kak… kawan2 ammar kata:
“Cantiknya kek ammar!!”
“sedapppnya kek merah niii… nak lagi teacher!”

Cikgunya pun makan bertambah..

Alhamdulillah n tqvm ziana...glad that Ammar n his friends enjoyed the cake :) 

Red velvet for Tini, one of my loyal supporter since years ago. This was ordered for her office pot luck event.
the rv was paired with devils food choc cake. Tini komen sedapppppp....so bakers dgn merendah diri ckp...kalo sedap boleh la order lagi! hihi

This devils food choc cake was ordered by kak Fathimah via kak ija. Tqvm to both of you....enjoy ur cake!

utk baby Safiyya who turns 1 already! Her mama apparently is one of my loyal rv fans, but this time around she settled for a chocolate cake for Safiyya's birthday celebration at taska.

tqvm dear Fizah! Hope Safiyya enjoys the cake :)


Mak ude said...

Jumaat bday afiqah gak. 1Yr. Mak ude request rv gak ah utk fiqah. (Wpon fiqah tak mkn pon)

y@tipruzz said...

Ohhh ye ke..ok nnt wT kt sana yerrr hihi

Anonymous said...

slm.nk tnya...devil cake tu brapa rm yer??

y@tipruzz said...

1.5kg rm75 :)

Smiley said...

sempat lg baking2

y@tipruzz said...

esok dah sampai cross trainer kurang la kot baking haha..hobi baru!