03 May 2013

cakes and more!

A picture tells a thousand words...hah still dlm mode malas. so layan gambar2 kek saje lah yer :)

Red velvet for my ex-officemate Ina back in Cyberjaya years ago. Specially delivered by en Hub some more :) Tqvm Dik! Glad u all like it :)

Another rv for a surprise birthday girl ordered by my another ex-officemate in Cyberjaya..kak Gee. Cewah macam kebetulan pulak order yg dtg dr ex-officemate nih hehe. We may be parted due to distance but apparently FB keeps us connected 24x7 :p

Red velvet cup cakes ordered by a true rv lover Suhaila, my current officemate :)

Marble cheese brownies ordered by Masura, a friend to Aileen, my ex-Srikandi mate :) This was brought to her friend's aqiqah event.

 New addition from us! This is red velvet ganache...first ordered by Adlina...tqvm dik!

Walnut dcb for my ex-senior in MMU who is now working in the same co.Tqvm kak hope the whole family loves it!

My very first red velvet ganache, probably the first of its kind in KL hehe. This was baked weeks ago for the kids...hence you can see loads of M&Ms n choc chips on the top :p

the rich filling..eat at ur own risk ya! I just got myself a digital scale brought from Groupon. Sgt psycho ok bila ade scale nih...even a 0.1kg increment makes u feel 'arghhhhhhh' :p

Tqvm to all my lovely supporters. Hope our bakes somehow brings a smile to ur loved ones!


LiTtLe^m3 said...

ermm.. ni yg ngeri ni will i be like arghhhh juga after eating your yummy cakes n brownies kak???

y@tipruzz said...

errkk baker's disclaimer - eat at ur own risk! haha