21 June 2014


We had a chance to dine once here..and also took away once at the Jeju airport before departing for Seoul.
Our review- its maple caramel bread is to die for!! Tgk rupa pun dah mengancam kan..bila rasa ouchh mmg sedap!! It was just a simple 3-layer toast drizzled with caramel syrup n finished with whipped cream...sempoi jahhh blk kl pon bole buat (but still blom ada kudrat nk buat hehe). Its coffee was also taste good. We tried mocha hazelnut and chocolate caramel or something (sorry for my poor memory!)
Price is lil bit on a high side as compared to other local korean coffee chains e.g Paris Baguette. But worth ur won spent trust me :)
I'll check out the exact price later. need to dig into my korea's mgmt file first...hoho


Farra Da Smiley said...

owh cam sedap

y@tipruzz said...

mmg marbeles ko pon bley buat!