11 June 2014

Trip Jeju-Seoul Part 1 - Departure KUL - ICN (29 May 2014)

After a year of waiting, finally the time has come for us to leave for the most-awaited trip of the year! This time around we traveled in bigger groups i.e. 6 families altogether :) Got to KLIA2 (our first time departing from this airport) via a neighbour's taxi and leave our house around 9pm, and reached KLIA2 about 45min later. Abg Man was so kind that he only charged us RM50 though hubby repeatedly asked him "betul ke nih 50 jer??" ok dont shy to call me if you would like to have his service :)

KLIA2 was huge and nicely decorated. I've checked in earlier via website and got our boarding pass printed. So we headed towards the check-in counter, handover our boarding pass and drop our 28' luggage on the alley, only to find that the bag exceeded for about 3kg! arghh exceed jugakkkk...blame it to the inconsistent reading of our weight-scale huhu. Anyway we only purchased 20kg luggage with the aim of travelling light this time, and trying to maximize the free 7kg hand carry given by AA. We hurriedly took out some of the canned food and snacks and shoved it inside our Karrimor 40Litre bag pack. Now problem no.1 settled!
our first pic at KLIA2. All 5 checked! :)

While waiting for umi and adik to arrive, we had another round of dinner at McD, also 'tapau' 3pcs of Mac Chicken and 9pcs of nugget for us to breakfast upon reaching the Incheon airport the next morning. 

Our mak ude is also joining us this time :)

with umi and adik, it adds up to 5 adults and 3 kids for our family alone!

Our flight from KUL-ICN departed as scheduled at 0100.  Oppss before that, we had another big issue when passing the immigration officer for bag checking. We placed all our hand carry items (i.e. 3 bag packs) under the scanner and there u go the machine produced that scary beep sound. So then the process of coaxing and persuading began. The lady officer asked me why carrying such loads of canned food inside our hand carry. And I replied before this we had no issue when traveled to Japan (ohh ok I lied on this part, yes I never travel to Japan but my bro and sil did and they were all ok! In fact they did not purchase any luggage at all, and all their stuffs were carried inside their bag packs onboard the plane). So me and hubby negotiated for the next few minutes, then one of the officer bring 1 canned food and show it to their supervisor in charge, and later came back and said…lepaskan 1 jer. I was like daannnggggg abisla kami the moment I heard what she said. But lucky us, the officer actually took out 1 big can of kari ayam yeos, throw it inside the dustbin and the rest is good to go with us. Ya Allah syukur Alhamdulillah I couldn’t remember how many thank you I’ve uttered to that lady, but lesson learnt, no more canned food inside your hand carry yeah!!! So problem no.2 settled!

We didnt chose seats, hence Idlan was separated n seat right behind Ammar. I didnt order any in-flight meal, and just hope to get a good nap throughout the journey to spare energy for a full (read : tiring) day during our first day in the land of Soul of Asia :)

Ammar n Firas slept soundly throughout that night while me as usual had difficulty to sleep due to the uncomfortable seat :( 
Oh anyway Firas vomited once that night, probably because he played n run too much before the departure. But nothing serious happen, he dozed again in lalaland minutes after the vomiting episode hehe

The D7506 that has safely taken us from KUL to Incheon. This was captured at the ICN airport....syukur selamat sampai as planned around 0820 @ 30 May 2014.

Cost Update:
AA tix RM768 x 5pax = RM3840
Luggage 20kg - RM69
Cab to KLIA2 - RM50
McD @ KLIA2 - RM38


LiTtLe^m3 said...

Cepat update lagi!!!

y@tipruzz said...

ok lupa dlm flight sejukkkk sgt sila bwk jaket grrrr. gigih tulis sket2 dlm word.. lemauuuu sgt!

LiTtLe^m3 said...

Lerr mcm mana lupa jacket. Flight kadang sejuk kadang x saya selalu standby shawl n jackett in case sejuk. Tips penting tu.

y@tipruzz said...

mmg pakai jaket...cumanya kalo tahap badan akak ni kena 2 lapis kot baru leh bertenang haha

zaiti zainuddin said...

Anak2 aku siap bawak bantal n selimut sorg satu naik flight :d

y@tipruzz said...

kitorang konon aim travel in light luggage pon 20kg je..blk siap kena upgrade 25kg x muat brg haha