20 June 2014

Trip Jeju-Seoul Day 2 - Jeju Feel House

Once our room is ready, hubby brought our 20kg luggages from my mom's room to our room (which is only next door). Suddenly we heard a loud noise, and the moment we looked outside hubby was already lying on the grass, luggage tercampak..kasut pulak tercabut. OMG hubby ku jatuh tangga!! To cut it short, he sprained his left foot quite badly and was put on bandage the whole night. Mujur ada doktor in the house, mak ude la yg tolong balutkan bandage and extend her advice where necessary. Hubby was quite lucky because he didn't injure the ankle, if not he definitely will be on bed-rest and not being able to walk at all...syukur Ya Allah. Kebetulan minyak urut dan ankle guard memang tak bawak...nak dijadikan cerita cuma bandage jela kaki tu. Esok tak tahu apa bakal berlaku...pasrah jer :( Malam tu mencari jugak ankle guard dekat nearby supermarket..malangnya tak jumpa. Si mama pulak, keje mlm tu sibuk meng'hair dryer' kasut si ammar yg dibasuh sebab kena air kenc petang tadi tu kan...aduss mmg serabut sgt otak mlm tuh.

Enjoy some of the pics of Jeju Feel House, hotel that we spent on our next 2 days in Jeju before leaving for Seoul. Hotel room overall is ok, it's just that the kitchen and toilet is so-so, still cannot beat Yilin Pension. But as mentioned by Fara, tengok harga la kan. Feel House is much cheaper than Yilin, hence suit the price we're paying :)

my mom's unit

ours - 1 queen, 1 single and 1 toto

kids with a pergola. All pics taken from nek umi's...kami mmg tak snap pic langsung..maklum lah mmg takde mood sbb byk masalah yg berlaku kan :(

Comparison on the cost:
Jeju Yilin Pension - 140k per night (RM448)
Jeju Feel House - RM369.89 per night

1. sila bawa segala minyak angin/urut dan ubat yg berkaitan
2. bawa medical kit (i.e. bandage, guard, plaster, etc)


Farra Da Smiley said...

tp yilin walau mahal dr Jeju Feel ..dah dpt 2 bilik kan? meaning ko tayah amik 2 rumah?

y@tipruzz said...

ye. masalah aurat kan. yilin mmg ade separate bedroom so no issue. ko mmg takde masalah nih :)