14 June 2014

Trip Jeju-Seoul Day 2: ICC Jeju - Seopjikoji - Seongsan Ilchulbong - Manjanggul Cave - Gimnyeong Maze Park - Hamdeok Beach

The highlights of the whole Jeju-Seoul trip, apart from the crazy skincare shopping :p

Subuh in Jeju was so early at 3.46am, so imagine at 6am dah cerah n terang benderang. That morning we had nasi lemak with telur rebus, japanese cucumber and rendang ayam again. Habiskan frozen sambal that nek umi brought from KL...again bab makan sangat heaven kalah makan kat Mesia hihi. Lunch will be on the go, and we 'tapau' the same set of menu for that day.

I think around 8am we checked out and handover the key to owner, the owner volunteered to take our family pic, and off we went to our first destination which was supposed to be covered on the 1st day i.e. International Convention Center (ICC) Jeju. ICC was famous for professionals to convene for forum, seminar or convention. The place n its surrounding was nicely set up, there are parks, statue and so many sculptures scattered around that area. We can also see the magnificent Jusangjeolli Cliff from afar and managed to take some shot of it.If only hubby got a conference call in Jeju...alangkah indahnya haha

 The only proper family pic that we managed to capture during the trip :)

From ICC, we headed to the East part of Jeju i.e. Seopjikoji. The journey took about 1.5hours along a beautiful coastal area. We pulled a stop at one of the beach to take pic (again!). Adik Aini siap buat byk aksi melompat yg sgt cun hehe. We later arrived in Seopjikoji as scheduled around 11am (nice timing as the crowds are still ok dan tak jem, Semah arrived few hours later and they couldnt even squeeze to get in kesian depa). So lesson learnt, try to come early and avoid lunch hour as there were many tourist bus and coaches inside the parking area. Seopjikoji is famous with its lighthouse and became a popular spot for filming. The view is stunning, but walking and climbing towards the lighthouse on top of a hill was no joke under the scorching hot sun! Nek umi siap berjln dgn umbrella mak ude hehe panas terik uolssss.Kat Mesia konfem takkan buat keja giler panjat bukit di tengah panas buta haha. After taking pics with the yellow rapeseed flowers, hubby and the kids proceeded upwards to the lighthouse, while mama derang tunggu kat bawah je hehe. Ok jangan gelak, i actually looked at the white lighthouse from distance and was thinking...ala macam takde apa je takyahlah panjat naik sampai atas. But, when i looked at hubby's pic in his hp, i was like dangggggg acik nyesal tak panjat sampai atas uols...mmg cantekkkssss! Nasi sudah menjadi bubur kan...so lesson learnt, sila panjat sampai atas yer haha! Nek umi dan mak ude mmg dari tadi tunggu kat bawah je after halfway perjalanan....depa malas nak continue memanjat di tgh panas :p

i envy them seriously...full stop!

We got down from the hill around 12ish, hubby bought some banana milk which is so famous amongst blogger n forumer. We loved its taste, but idlan and mak ude dislike it and thought that it smells like antibiotic perisa pisang tu haha. We later made our way to Seongsan Ilchulbong which is located about 5 min from Seopjikoji. Otw to Seongsan we saw a huge park full with yellow rapeseed flowers with people taking pics inside the garden. So we decided to stop (thanks to mak ude who didnt want to follow and stay inside the car with Ammar who already dozed off after a tiring hiking at Seopjikoji hehe), pay 1k for each adult and got into the flower garden amik gambar sepuas hati :)

 kalo student2 tengok gambar ni agaknya apela derang ckp kan...haha

very nice!!

so what's there to see in Seongsan Ilchulbong? till then~
Cost update:
Car fee Seopjikoji - 1k
susu pisang 6 bottles - 9k
Ilchulbong adult 2k x 2 = 4k
rapeseed flowers pic 1k x 5 = 5k
manjanggul cave adult 2k, kids 2k, total = 6k
maze park adult 3.3k, kids 1.1k, total = 7.7k


Farra Da Smiley said...

peak seopikoji pon ko dh jeles ek..
tgk seongsan lagi la harus jeles ehehhe

bagi aku seopikoji tu landai jer..kiki

Farra Da Smiley said...

bagi aku ICC tu biasa jer heheh

y@tipruzz said...

aku suke icc rasa mcm unik batu batan tuh. ada hikmahnya kn aku x smpi atas..mak pon ckp 'mujur' dnur x naik atas :p

Farra Da Smiley said...

parking kan freee

y@tipruzz said...

ke parking ilchulbong yg kami byr? lupa dh hehe

Anonymous said...

Parking Yongduam Rock & Seopjikoji je berbayar..yg lain semua free

LiTtLe^m3 said...

Adakah akak preggy?? Sbb mak akak ckp mujur akak x naik atas? Ehemmm...

y@tipruzz said...

:) blk kl br tahu dik...mujurrr x buat aksi lompat2 mcm perth dulu :p

LiTtLe^m3 said...

So happy for you... Mana tau rezeki kali ni gegirl.

y@tipruzz said...

amin :) akak doa berjangkit kat awak walaupon kita jauh :) raya taun ni jemput tau haha tetiba!