28 June 2005

Monday the hectic day!

Last night i received sms from Aida saying she's gonna EL today for her niece/nephew fell into drain and was scheduled for an op today. Early in the morning, again another sms from Vatsala saying she's going to mc today coz last night she met with an accident at 1030pm and unfortunately no 24hrs clinic avail at her place. And i already knew zaiti is on leave till wed for a long holiday in Langkawi..and Florence is also taking her own sweet time finishing her annual leave for she'll be leaving TM next coming July.....and the BIG question is...who's gonna be at the office today??? Monday the hectic day??? alaaaa harunyerr rasa. Out of 7 people at the front place, only 2 left today..me and kak sha...luckily i got her around to accompany me..kalo idak mati kutu duk kat depan ni sesorang...with tonnes of dockets (as usual for Monday) to be cleared, alahai lemahnyer badan...plus the headache yg datang since bangun tido pagi nih, sampai rasa loya2 satu badan nak muntah.
And i got myself sebatang lime ice cream and rm1 cekodok for lunch...(hoping that i could get rid off the loya2 yang dirasakan) It was miracle to feel that the headache went away in the middle of eating the ice cream and 5 min later, there comes back the headache...hampes betul!!........and now it's already 527pm with still lots of dockets waiting to be cleared and solved...and suddenly i realized hubby got class till 6pm..and that means i still couldnt go back at 530pm...and the bestest part is i had to answer the same boring question from everyone passing around asking me "Mane pegi sumer orang??" Ohh am so pathetic! --------> i hate Monday!!!

p/s: tetiba teringat kat Zaiti, sure best dia tgh bershopping-shopping sakan kat langkawi...huhu jelesnyer aku kat ko!

26 June 2005

talking about "shopping"!

Linking up to all the summaries made by Pn Limau, Aini and kak Tini on their almost-one-day shopping experience @ mid valley jusco sale, a bit (read: only a bit ehhh!) sense of jealousy striked my mind...hish hish really wish i could be like one of them on that day, being in JJ..walking and rushing here n there, looking for this and that...bla bla blaa....but, there's a BUT ok....i've been to the IOI J Card day a month before that, and having spent a few hundreds there made me to think many many times of whether to go for the mid valley one or not!

And now i guess i've chosen the right decision, a very right one indeed! Instead of giving Jusco a few hundreds more (to add on what Limau, Aini and the rest had contributed to them :p), i've channeled my money to the sellers at Nilai 3 yesterday nyeh nyehhhh. It was our first time being there, and the mere reason of going to Nilai 3 was because everybody keep on saying "U must go there one day, rugi woo kalau tak pegi"!
Having my mum and sis in law in KL, and considering the fact that my mum in law tersangatlah teringin nak pergi sana, so there we go. It was not that far from KL, took us only about 40 min to reach there, and we have plenty of shops selling lots of items, ranging from ready-made clothes, curtains, toys, kain ela, seramic vase, flowers, teakwood furnitures, and many more! At the very beginning, the sellers managed to get us confused..hehe we got so much confused for there are lots and tonnes of choices with great, cheap and reasonable deal! Rambang mata sehhhh...and i almost got nothing for myself until my sis in law took the initiative by buying sepasang kain baju kurung, then goes my mum buying 3 pasang for herself, and last sekali, barulah saya bersemangat memilih kain utk diri sendiri hehe..pening pening nak pilih!

I ended up getting sepasang kain baju kurung, one shoe and one ladies napsack..and that's it! Hoho a bit proud with myself for all those 3 stuffs only cost me less than hundred...and many thanks to my hubby for taking care of Idlan most of the time, and special thanks to my cutie Idlan for he's the only reason for me not to spend more! And thank u so much to mak for the marroon kain baju melayu for Idlan..sure comel Idlan and cousin dia Aiman pakai baju melayu same colour raye nih! So it looks like mama and abah have to get marroon colour hari raye suit as well!

I bet if we didnt take him along, the tendency of buying more gonna increase, and so thus the probability of money being channeled out :p

1. me ---> aiming to go there again, but next time do not bring your babies/kids if u intend to shop with peace; with extra shopping hours than usual!
2. Month of June - rezeki buat Idlan for he got more than 5 piece of new clothes from mama, one suit of cloth+pant+vest/jacket from Mak Ude from Wales, one shirt+pant tenderly again courtesy to Mak Ude, and kain baju melayu for Raya from mak :))))) ....no wonder muka Idlan berseri-seri bulan nih hehehe

21 June 2005

Sup Ikan Berkrim NutraKIDS

200 ml stok ikan
1 sudu besar ikan yang telah dimasak dan dicincang halus
1 sudu besar lobak merah yang telah dimasak dan dilenyek
2 sudu besar bijirin sarapan NutraKIDS

Cara Memasak:
1. Utk menyediakan stok ikan, didih 3 ketul tulang ikan yang besar, sebiji bawang besar, sebiji ubi kentang dan tiga biji tomato di dlm 1500ml air selama satu atau dua jam.
2. Masukkan ikan yang sudah dicincang dan dimasak dan lobak merah ke dalam 200ml stok ikan tadi.
3. Biarkan mendidih dan sejukkan.
4. Taburkan bijirin halus NutraKIDS ke atas sup sambil mengacau. Hidangkan suam-suam.

Resipi ini adalah untuk satu hidangan.

Soalan saya:
Ikan apa yang sesuai utk kasik baby makan? Sebab nak kena didihkan 3 ketul tulang ikan yang BESAR (am wondering ikan ape yg bertulang besar???)

16 June 2005

cuti cuti cuti!

7/6 - EL
18/6 - free one-night stay @ grand continental KL
21/6 - J card Day @ Mid Valley...still not sure whether to apply for leave or not
23/6 - Cuti rehat. Sis in law going back to M'sia
25/6 - Raudhah aka ex-hosmet putrajaya family gathering at ulu yam/gabai/tekala waterfalls
29/6-3/7 - Book off. Going back to hubby's hometown --> Kedah
15-16/7 - trip to Genting

August - planning to go back to umi's hometown in Kelantan plus shoping @ rantau panjang

Hmm looking at the calendar, am stunned to realize that how bz i am for the mth of june and july :p

11 June 2005

Your Mother

Your Mother - Rasheed A Bhikha

Who should I give my love to?
My respect and my honour to?
Who should I pay good mind to?
After Allah
And Rasulullah
Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother

And then your father

'Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and clothe you?
Who used to feed you
And always be with you?
When you were sick - stay up all night

Holding you tight?
That's right, no other -
My mother

Who should I take good care of
Giving all my love?
Who should I think the most of?
After Allah
And Rasulullah
Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

'Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk?
Who used to hold you
Before you could walk?
And when you fell
Who'd pick you up?
Clean your cut?
No one but your mother -
My mother

Who should I stay right close to?
Listen most to?
Never say no to?
After Allah
And Rasulullah
Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

'Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes?
Comb your hair and blow your nose?
And when you cried
Who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears?
Who really cares?
My mother
Say Alhamdulillah
Thank You Allah
Thank You Allah for my mother

~berazam utk menghafal lagu ni utk nyanyikan buat Idlan tersayang :)

09 June 2005

One Utama

Me and hubby had a chance to go to OU last weekend..last time been there, i guess it was 3 yrs back and by the time we reached there, wowwww never had i imagined that OU is as BIG as it is!! It is like there are 2 huge, spacious, separate buildings that divide the Jaya Jusco at one side and Parkson at the other end. Perghhhhhh spent time about 7 hours but still didnt manage to explore all shops and outlets...soooo many cutes, attractive outlets selling kids and babies apparels, toys, etc etcccc....and am sooo tempting to go to each of the shops but due to time and money constraint (haha), had to just blow off the chance..some other time perhaps :p Bubblegummers, Osh Kosh BGosh, Safe n Sound...to name a few ; there're many many more over there of which i've never ever heard of them before. I bet Idlan would really love to go there if he's big and clever enough to pick and choose his own toys :p
Spent RM40 for Disney and JustBaby rompers and RM20 for Idlan's 1st alphabet cum soft book...and spent a few hundreds more on other necessary/unnecessary things (ni la yg malas pi shopping complex nihhh)
Btw, mid year sales ends at 12th June..so do hurry guys..looking for a good bargain?? then this is the time.......!

02 June 2005

hikmah of sedekah...

Here's my routine early in the morning upon reaching the office:
- login to my Avaya IP phone
- turn on the pc
- open up the intra mail, take a glimpse on the one that is urgent/important
- read thru friends' blogs (memula wajib bukak limaunipis punyer --> Aida ko patut bangga nih!)

And now i would like to discuss one issue posted by kak tini dewi in her blog wrg to the hikmah of sedekah!

Well, sedekah membawa barakah..that's what been taught to us by our dear teachers back in our schooldays.
Thinking way back on my monthly income/earning/extras, am glad that i could still have buffers at the end of the month, considering the fact that i've put aside portion of it for savings, parents' allowances, nursery fees, car loan, bills, household expenses, etc. And thinking of it made me realize of the blessing Allah gives u for being able to 'properly' channel the money to the right way...serves u right kan..alhamdulillah for that.

Talking about my bonus, where goes all the money? Hmm detailed budget was drawn up right away after the cash was bank in onto my account. So how was the allocation? Majority of it goes to my ASB, some was allocated to treat my family+parents for mkn-mkn and holiday, some was spent for Idlan's new clothes, pay lawyer's fee for our new house, main bowling kat IOI, bayar zakat yg dah pending lama dah andddd that's it! None of it was spent for myself (as at today la), name it new clothes ke, tudung ker, pants ker, kasut ker, ape ker...not that i'm too stingy and berkira when it comes to money but it's just that i feel all those money was already spent wisely the way it was! But for those who read Azizi Ali's collection, i suppose some of u can still remember one thing raised by him, spent for yourself first before others. And to me, tak rugi ke tak guna duit bonus beli baju baru, kasut baru, handbag baru? The answer is NOT ....tapi kalau tak beli baju baru untuk Idlan, the answer is YES :p (and that's because i couldnt control myself for not buying baju baru for him every month...tak kisahla ade bonus ke takde bonus ke...hehe teruk gak nih senarnyer)

So, looking back at my real point of discussion..sedekah membawa barakah. For my case, i guess spending the cash for my family & parents are more than enough to bring total joy and satisfaction to myself. For those not yet married, probably they might be thinking ye ker ehhh rasa macam tuh? Believe me u will..just wait for the day to come...most of the time, family comes first..self goes to the second. But am not encouraging you people not to spend money for yourselves..no noo...that is not the point, after all the money is all yours. You own the money, so decisions are in your hand. Am not saying that you cannot spend it for leisure2 things, of course u can...go ahead...different people have different opinions..the way they satisfy themselves may differ from others....so you people, act wisely, manage your money wisely as well....and you'll be happy and thank for that!