24 January 2006

1001 ways of earning extra money

Isnt that title catchy enough and of the interest of any human beings living in this real world full of challenges ahead?

I've just read tsunamiwang e-book and yes, there're so many new ways of generating extra income of which many of us are not aware of it. Some might have read it somewhere, some might have learned it from their colleagues, or some might just pay ignorance attention to it due to reasons that they themselves only know.

Azizi Ali's book could be a good source of reference on how we can be in control of our own money. Handling money is one thing, be in full control of it is another BIG issue. Some of you might encounter people who earns a lot every mth and yet still get broke when month ends came. When you ask them, they just say they're not sure where the money goes. They just couldnt explain how their hard-earned money flows out in a blink of eye. Hence i dont get surprise if the saving accounts of the low paid people shows higher amounts compared to the one with higher salary paid. Reason is simple, they save. And they use brains to manage their money. Not to say they dont fork out a portion of their income on leisure, surely they do, but not to the excessive amounts that can cause them to be broke by the end of the month.

I'm writing this not because my accounts are tip top, neither i'm rich enough to give my humble advise and opinion about financial management. It's just that to me the topic is very interesting and still there're a lot to be explored, shared and discovered for the benefit of all.

Azizi Ali talks more on property investment, and no doubt it could be a good source of passive income to you but definitely it requires a huge sum of capital to be invested. I'm still not in a position to get involve in the property world due to my lack of savings hehe...Akmal Ariff reveals the potential of Internet as a powerful tool to earn extra money, provided you're willing to spare some time to learn and uncover things that people might find it to be impossible yet it is still possible and exist. I'm still learning and trying to grasp the whole idea behind it, so if you guys dare to try, please refer
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