27 January 2006

The issue of halal or haram on ASB again been hotly discussed recently, and i believe most of us had came up with the real answer. Me and hubby are now looking for other alternative instruments to tranfer the money that we've deposited inside there and still, we're not sure of where to park the money :(

We surely need to take a full one day leave to settle all this stuffs, take the asb money out and place it elsewhere, open a new TH account for idlan, change the beneficiary name for our kwsp, change our takaful insurance plan, and many others more.

Oh btw Happy Chinese New Year (to my chinese frens if they happen to read my entry) and happy enjoying your long holidays to the rest.

And as expected, long holiday means you'll receive a long list of frens wedding invitation. So to my dearest ex-rumet Zatul Iffah Bakhtiar and partner, Hadi Azmi, Selamat Pengantin Baru and may you both survive on the wedding day hehe...time amik gambar jgn control2 tau met! And may the two of you live happily ever after, may all the dreams and wishes come true, and do remember that i'll be always there if u need me for anything (calling2 cam biasa ok met :)

And the same best wishes is extended to my junior, Diyana Zainal with her partner, Raja Azlan...Selamat Pengantin Baru as well...god bless u both.

Lastly, to Abu Amiir aka Abg Faizal, Selamat Pengantin Baru juga diucapkan...semoga perkahwinan yg satu ini dirahmatiNya dan kebahagiaan sentiasa menanti kalian berdua dan Amiir selama-lamanya. Tahniah!

Selamat Bercuti sumer!


mardhiah12 said...

aku dah bawa keluar duit sikit2 dari ASB. dah 'campak' masuk TH dan gold dinar hari tu. sekarang ni tgh cari alternatif lain lagi. biar mix sikit

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Anonymous said...

mett, after 5 years baru kite reply enrty awak..thanks mett! :)

Anonymous said...

mett, after 5 years baru kite reply enrty awak..thanks mett! :)