06 January 2006

our first jalan2 habis duit shall commence!

I just cant wait to see tomorrow. What does tomorrow have for me? Well, we surely gonna wake up around 5am, take the shower, put on simple clothes, perform the prayer, prepare idlan's porridge, pack our foods, wake him up, make a last minute spotcheck, turn on the engine.........and tadaaaaa Kelantan here we come!!!

Yes, am gonna off for the whole week for our balik kg cum cuti2 malaysia trip. The next few days will be spent in kelantan and kedah. Balik kg sounds very ordinary, so i'd rather called it our jalan2 habis duit trip :) I just cant wait to see how kelantan looks like after about errr...2 yrs kot. The last time we sat foot in kelantan was in year 2003, that was after we got married. That also means it's gonna be idlan's first visit to his grandma's hometown. I hope our journey with the two toddlers (idlan and his cousin, hana) wont take us too long. I dare not imagine how i can stay inside the car for about 6-8 hours, bertempur with him all way long. Dahla takde highway kan :p

4 days in kelantan, we'll celebrate our raya haji there, do some shopping spree in pengkalan kubur, rantau panjang and pasar kota bharu, go to pantai tujuh and let idlan sees how a beach looks like, and guess what, the thing that i look forward most is............the special breakfast! well ppl there usually have nasi kerabu or nasi berlauk for their breakfast. And I usually get 2 bungkus for myself nyumm nyummm.

The next day after raya haji we'll be heading to junjung, kedah that is my hubby's hometown. Hopefully this time hubby will take me to some of the places i never had the chance to go before, bley eh yang??

Oh btw hubby just bought a new red greyish Tenderly buggy for idlan. The only main reason is because his current stroller is too big for our bonnet...plus the fact that our bonnet are 3/4 fully loaded with his things ONLY... orgnye kecik tapi barangnyer banyak hohoho

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Qurban frens...enjoy your hols!


Kak Zira said...

Yati ragu-ragu lagi ke?
tak rugilah beli buku tu memang sangat bermanfaat pada kita yang muda belia dan makan gaji ni..


dah habis fikir klik kat sini yek. Klik kat blog akak pun boleh.

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mardhiah12 said...

tati, nenek org kelate ker?

yatipruzz said...

nenek aku kelantan, mak aku lahir kelantan, bila besar dia pindah keje kl, so aku lahir kat kl..jadikla kelantan kl mix aka kelantan celups