17 January 2006

yes i'm back

It did require strong strength for you to wake up early and realize that was the time for you to drag your lazy body to the toilet, have shower and dressed up for work. That was yesterday. Yesterday the bad day (i'll tell u later), after a long one week holiday in two kampungs.

Our holiday went well, things went smooth as planned, except the most tiring journey back to kelantan that took us nearly 10 hrs. 4 days in kelantan, we had the ever delicious nasi berlauk/dagang as breakfast, made a shopping trip to rantau panjang that to me was like a heaven place for you to shop till u drop :p, again another shopping trip to pengkalan kubur that is very near to my nenek's house, and yes our little boy finally knows how a beach looks alike. But he only 'cecah' his legs onto the sand and never dare to sit on it, probably because that was his first time. Hubby had all the chance to taste many different kinds of local kuih muih that were sooo colourful and sweet of which i've never had any interest to taste it all my life.

Moving on, we headed to junjung kedah the day after raya haji using Grik highway. Our first time using that route, by no means i expect the road to be of such bengkang bengkok like u climb cameron. I had nausea, so did idlan i guess because he vomitted twice. But alhamdulillah we did reached home safely.

In Kedah we took the chance to bring idlan to a waterfall, Air Terjun Air Putih, that is very near to his tok's house. As a result, idlan was down for fever for 3 days....rasa nyesal plak bawak dia huhu.

Ok back to office story, yesterday was truly my bad day. i had migrain since the morning, maybe because of the body intolerance to the excessive coldness of my office air cond. Plus the massive no of dockets for that day, and the bad thing, the fight that i had with customer back in tokyo. We had fight (we includes myself, my colleague and my AGM) with this one fellar of which the blame is not at our side. Misunderstanding occurred between THAT fellar with his tokyo colleague and u see, senang2 dia fire kitorang kat mesia ni.

on our way back, about 2 min we were about to reach home, i vomitted with one hand holding idlan and another hand holding a plastic. Lucky i managed to grab the plastic, if not the front seat definitely needs to be cleaned and vacuumed. So that was the story of yesterday. I went to sleep early at 8pm with empty stomach and bad headache, woke up at 515 in the morning to perform solat isya' and today back to the office, feeling more healthier and ceria hehe....

and remember one of our cost saving action plan, preparing our own breakfast works well till today...keep up the good work my dear self!


Kopi Suam said...

wahh bravo yati :)

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