02 February 2006

Those working in KL, i bet they're still lazing around in house, either snuggle in bed, already woke up and now watching the astro while having a cup of coffee, the mothers might settled themselves in kitchen preparing simple breakfast for the family, not forgetting to dump the tonnes of clothes in the washing machine, letting the machine to do its works, and you, now sitting in front of pc in the office, with headset on top of your head, answering calls and entertaining your customers, of whom being in the same shoes with you. Pity you and your customers haha :p

5 days holiday wasnt that great to us, merely because we didnt spend our nights elsewhere. Yes we still went out to shopping complex and some other places, but still the feeling is different. We went to IOI Mall, to Alamanda twice, Rawang and Klang for wedding, and to Bagan Lalang beach in Sepang with just the 3 of us. With that kind of usual outings we still managed to get ourselves broke by having our lunch twice in secret recipe. The first trip was on hubby's treat, and i would strongly suggest you guys to taste their brownie with vanilla ice cream topping...and oh, together with ice chocolate with whipped cream. Those two are great and worth the money spent! That was on saturday, and yesterday, again we decided to go and have that brownie and ice choc again as dessert.

ok then that's it, my head is spinning, my eyes are blurry, i guess the nerves and joints are just not prepared to do their works, so as the whole body of mine....

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