17 February 2006

Fettucine Alfredo nyum nyumm!

To those western food lovers, u might wanna consider this recipe for the whole family...i can assure u its much more yummy than the one u can get outside (including some 'femes' restaurant i tell u)..so here goes:

- fettucine (or u can also use other pasta like spaghetti, spiralli, shells, etc etc...)
- boneless chicken - diced
- button mushrooms - diced
- garlic - diced
- onions - diced
- whipped cream
- shredded cheese
- salt
- oregano/all herbs
- black pepper powder

The actions:
- boil the pasta till tender, rinse it, put aside.
- Heat oil in small pan (the original recipe uses butter, but me personally dont like it because the gravy will become a bit oily after a few hrs)
- Saute garlic and onion for few minutes (jgn biar sampai 'layu'), add in chicken, let it half-cooked, add mushrooms, simmer till all cooks well.
- Add whipped cream, bring down the heat, let it cook for 5-10 minutes, then add in shredded cheese ( i use romano, u can use whatever brand u like), cook till cheese melted, add some water cause the gravy is thicken after u add the cheese, so the amount of water depends on how thick u want the gravy to be
- put a dash of salt, oregano/all herbs and black pepper powder
- stir well.....voila it's ready! (lupa plak, serve it with the pasta la ok) And u can put the parsley leaves as deco :)

note: sori i couldnt give u the actual measurements for all the ingredients, that merely because it varies, depending on the no of pax per servings, amount of pasta u boiled, how thick the gravy u want it to be, etc...and yes i dont strictly follow whatever recipes i collected, reason being the recipes dont produce the results u expected, so better follow ur heart....cooking is an art isnt it? so just put whatever amount u think make sense to u hehe..janji sodap!


tini said...

waaa wiii yati. nampak sedapnyer! biler la aku nak masak benda ni

yatipruzz said...

hehe tryla..tapi kalo nuar atau ko tak suke cheese, tayahla buat..dia very cheesy and creamy...or i'd say highly recommended for cheese lovers!

tinidewi said...

waaa best best. ameer suka ni. boleh aku try resipi ni. erm, kalo spices tu guna bolognese punya, OK dak?

yatipruzz said...

tibai je guna pepe spices pon janji sodapp...so nnt bley rename: fettucine alfredo ameer's version!