02 February 2006

where to dump our money?

As a continuation on Aini's post on the status of ASB:

- i've decided to take out half of my money and deposit it in Tabung Haji (and yes i dont have any TH account, so that requires me to open up a new account with TH).
- i'll maintain the other half of it inside ASB, and that will be used to finance my mba soon (soon=either march or july intake, am still thinking about it)
-hubby will also transfer his money into TH
-we'll terminate ASW idlan, open up a new TH account for him, and transfer all the money into TH
- apart from that, we've looking for any other attractive financial instruments like fixed deposit, dinar emas, etc etc...fixed deposit is not to our favour at the moment. The dividen offered is quite low compared to TH, plus lower liquidity in the sense that the money parked inside cannot be taken out before the maturity period agreed beforehand. Dinar emas, we're still digging up some info on it. Playing shares wouldnt be a good option at the moment, according to my informer, the market is going upside down and the risk is well, higher! Unit trust, hmm we're not interested to invest particularly because of the lower return, plus longer terms of investment for promising returns. Bank rakyat, obviously that was the best option besides ASB but sorry dear, the offer is already closed.

Oh i forgot to mention, yesterday we managed to get idlan's photos been captured in passport size. He's only 13 mo and he'll be having his own international passport soon, see how lucky he is to have a mother and father like us hehe

With that, i couldnt stop myself from counting and hoping time to fly as fast as possible. Our March holiday escapade is waiting, plus my mba intake (if jadi amik bulan march hehe)....see the conflict, if i were to start my class on march, i'll have to escape 2 weeks of lectures for our holiday, that'll be on march and june. Plus i have to forward my own money for registration thingy bla bla bla...but if i wait till july, i'd probably being able to secure for T* scholar, plus being able to enjoy the holiday with free of mind. So that leaves a big question mark in my head...no wonder it keeps on spinning :p


mardhiah12 said...

kerja ek hari ni?

TH bagus, return power. Tahun lepas kemungkinan tinggi cause TH just open up @enstek

zakatdah bayar siap2. aku ingat nak transfer semua masuk TH, hehe

duit ASB tu tinggal dulu. nanti nak bawa keluar lagi untuk MA

yatipruzz said...

itula pasal. aku tinggalkan sket utk mba. the rest masuk TH.

myjulieyana said...

yati, julie dah habiskan duit ASB bayar d/payment rumah.. chot tinggal 0.86sen & kite 0.24sen kot.. hehe..

TH good.. arwah mak kite dah start potong utk kami adik beradik since bile tah.. buatla monthly potongan Yati.. baru b'disiplin.. siap boleh plan bila boleh buat haji.. kite start keje lagi dah potong.. tahun ni increase sket.. tak banyak pon.. 200/bulan.. but it will increase from time to time.. utk Aisya lepas beranak terus bukak.. kalau ikut janjang nye konsep, duit tu akan jadi banyak gile by the time dia besar.. chot baru potong duit masuk Aisya nye TH 50/bulan..

kalau nak invest dlm saham, boleh try Unit Trust Islamic - Public Ittikal (from Public Mutual).. reliable la sbb kat Malaysia Airlines pon dia tak invest sbb MAS serve arak..

lain2 kite potong 50/bulan utk KOTAMAS, just in case nak buat pinjaman kecil2an.. berguna gaks.. contohnya utk renovate rumah..

oh, btw, kite dah beli rumah buat join loan TM.. :)

yatipruzz said...

kite pon potong kotamas 50 sebulan...tabung haji tak wat potongan kot, insya allah kite disiplin masukkkan duit dlm tuh every mth online hehe...potongan nampak lam payslip, tak syiok :p

tahu awak beli kat bkt jelutong kan..tapai ckp ari tuh time jumpe dia kat kenduri diyana our junior. besar kan umah tuh...alhamdulillah rezeki korang...kite tak mampu nak beli memahal...takleh join loan ngan pruz. brape size dia eh?

myjulieyana said...

isk.. sebelah bkt jelutong laa yati.. bkt jelutong mahal sgt.. jiran jela mampu.. hehe

kite beli pon sbb join loan ngan chot.. kalau tak, tak mampu.. 22x75.. same cam rumah awak kan? kite dah round byk tpt, banyak lagi rumah lain cecantik tapi kawasan plak kite tak berapa interest. yg ni design takdela tip top tapi not bad, and guthrie mmg jaga quality as far as i know.. cuma kita sukakan location.. i like it, so i pay for the location laa kirenye..

eh, bile masuk rumah baru?

yatipruzz said...

so ape nama kawasan umah awak tuh julie? umah kite 22x70 kots..ntahla tak sure hehe...guthrie mmg bagus org kata.

umah baru? ntah..dgr kata may siap...tik tok tik tok nak pasang kitchen, wiring, etc mahu bulan 8 kot baru leh masuk.

myjulieyana said...

rumah kite kat denai alam, shah alam.. rumah dah tgh buat.. hujung 2007 siap kot.. kitorang budget nak masuk 2008 lepas tambah apa2 yg patut.. sure banyak kan nak guna duit nanti.. kena laa start saving dari sekarang..

Kopi Suam said...

Yati boleh bagi akak entry ASB tu...akak nak baca

Selain dari tabung haji, cuba invest kat KOOP T*..korang kan ada koop..ada sekali tu akak tanya makcik2 T* masa dioranga ambik bonus tu tak silap bonus dividen 8% kot..tunggi la tu

Option lain unit trust la so tak yah beli insuran...kita buat auto debit mcm kita bayar insuran.

14 feb ni Public mutual nak lancarkan satu lagi Islamic fund...boleh check la