07 May 2007

May sensation

Here goes our latest collection @ Hot Stove...introducing Royal Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake!
It's my first owned recipe, modified from the marble cheesecake recipe released earlier. It's special since i add in quartered oreo biscuits for the filling, covered with creamy whipped cream and hundreds of chocolate rice, and of course topped with fresh sweet n sour blueberries. But for those who doesnt like oreo dun worry i can omit it if you want! Price at RM38 for 8' round mould.

And this one was baked last friday for Vatsala's niece birthday. She wanted marble chocolate cheesecake covered with cream and choc rice, and 3 cutie mickeys seated on top of the cake. Thanks madam! Glad the whole family like it :)

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