10 May 2007

May updates

1] I guess time flies very fast recently, am quite tight with lots of important and urgent things to do.
Sorted out a few tasks and am left with several others...termasukla update fotopages (x penting pon kan hehe)....breath in breath out :)

~ My current subject is halfway completed, cant wait to submit the final group project (of which the progress is still zero!) and xm and then join the whole family going back to my mother's hometown back in kelantan yeyey!
~Pics shown above...my yellow and
pink highlighters that can be considered my bestest fren throughout the whole course...apart from the support i received from hubby n idlan of course :p
Saje amik gambar wat kenangan hehe, sok abis blajar sure tak pakai dah. From mmu till now i still favor yellow and pink colors over green, or blue, or purple, etc etc

2] Chocolate almond brownies and choc cheese tart for my ofismate cum loyal customer (u know who u are :p) Thank u for all the support given, am always open to any comments, be it positive or negative for future improvement..so sila la komen jgn malu2!

To those out there yg query on my price list, here goes the details fyi:

Chocolate almond brownies 10' x 10' - RM22
Marble choc cheesecake 8' - RM35
Royal Blueberry Oreo cheesecake 8' - RM38
Cheese tart:
10 regular - RM15
16 regular - RM23
20 regular - RM28
(a choice of blueberry/chocolate topping)

3] To my darling B, congrats congrats alhamdulillah! Pasnih no more potato couch in front of tv during nightime yeh :p He once said to my, he was inspired looking at me working hard to complete my assignments/cases..so i guess now the both of us must exchange inspiration for the betterment in future :) I think now i've changed, if previously during the initial course of study i only set target to PASS, now the target was slightly adjusted, i wanted to complete the course with flying colors! justified la why am in desperate mode to maintain my cgpa throughout the finishing line.........amin amin. So study comes first, baking goes second ingat yati ingat!

4] my dear Idlan got bitten by something, and now the spot got infected and turned into 'bisul'. He has eczema btw, so his skin is more sensitive compared to others. The paed said his bisul is still under control, and we need to wait until dia masak sebelum dipecahkan huhuhu. Lucky he still active and behaves normal....doakan idlan sembuh yer kengkawan, tq

5] me and B accidentally bumped into a person from a company doing bone test at klinik gomez this afternoon. The test concludes am lack of calcium, a bit off-track from the normal reading while B performs well at his test...the test suggest he is PERFECT in terms of his calcium intake! (ntah2 silap test tuh hoho)

ok ok pegi wat keje nuh...till then frens...off~


aida said...

yati, nampak yummy your cakes..
and terus mantapkan performance ko untuk masters

anyway, thks for the bfeeding encouragement.. aku doakan 2nd baby ko dpt la direct bf kan.. :)

yatipruzz said...

woit mentang2 dah blk umah sendiri sempat berinternet eh hehe

anyway slamat berfoya-foya di rumah!

tini said...

cheese tart sedap! and the brownies too :) so far semua yg aku tempah menepati selera. :P

ummi said...

... bila buka blog ni sure lapar..

mardhiah12 said...

yati, ko dah tukar target ek..apsal tak habaq kat aku :P...hohoho..camne ni ek...nak pass ke nak excel :P

yatipruzz said...

tini- toche toche :)

aini- tetiba terasa nk berubah hehe (people changed arent they?), but if something falls out midway, i'll turn back to my original target hoho