21 May 2007

towards the end....

1] Things that I hate most about take home exam:
- the questions are usually more than one
- the questions are tricky, requires high level of critical thinking, and far from straightforward
- need to look up for journals/articles/external source to support your answer
- are usually complex and 3-4 times harder than normal exam

2] Latest collection from Hot Stove, Blueberry Chocolate Delight (with cream cheese frosting). It’s special coz you get to taste 3 different flavors in one cake; chocolate, blueberry, and not forgetting cheese. Thanks Farra for convincing me, the cream cheese indeed tastes good! For those who doesn’t want a very rich cheese cake, but still wanted to have a taste of cheese, this is just perfect for you. You can opt to omit blueberry if you want though….

(9' round pan)

Blueberry Chocolate Delight (with cream cheese frosting) RM35
Chocolate Delight (with cream cheese frosting) RM33


Anonymous said...

yati..su nak order sebijik kes mcm dlm gambo tu yer..coz mak n ayah su nak dtg next week..nak bg cake kat diorang...hehehe...nanti su cfm date yer..


yatipruzz said...

order kes sue? hehe

lupa nk add in, delivery cuma open friday onwards (25hb) sbb nak settlekan final xm ku yg susah itu huhuhu :p

Anonymous said...

bleh jer...no problem..su akan cfm the date later..gud luck k..


tini said...

aku pun nak order nanti2 yer. bukan skang :)

Farra said...

welkem :)
mmg saje tukar frosting dr whipped topping ker cream cheese frosting ek? sbb whipped kureng manis
kek tu the base guna biskut tak?

yatipruzz said...

guna cheese sbb tade stock whipped cream dah hehe. Icing tak sedap kan, so try yg ni....tapi serius aku suke frosting ni, sedapppp & tak muak :)))

base tade biskut...dlm bukan cheese cake.

ude said...

wahh..k.yati skang ligat sunnguh bisnes kek...kl nnt org dh balik and cam bosan keje spital, kite bkk bakery nak?..

yatipruzz said...

hehe ude bley bley, awak wat roti n pastry, kite wat kek..kite uli2 ni hampeh sket tgn x kuat :p