06 June 2007

the meeting

He’s super duper cool, humble, soft-spoken, yet credible.
A very nice, fair-looking guy (tade jerawat if I were not mistaken hehe)
We’re sitting in an oblong-shape table, with wide array of foods lining up the table.
The food tastes nice, but I bet no one shows his or her true self including me. I didn’t even finish up my cup of coffee….sad.
We talk about our company, our works, general issues, etc.

He ends the meeting with a question that was very hard to answer.

“You all are among the brightest stars in your school, but why did you only score average during your performance appraisal? I want to see 4 and 5 next year!”

hehehe aku hanya mampu tersenyum. There were a few of us speak out on the force ranking issue, bell-shape curve and all that….but there’s another Dato’ menepis segala issue2 tersebut, of which none would dare to argue further.

Oh by the way, pls don’t call it force ranking, better say ‘moderation’ from this now on.

I'd consider it as once in a lifetime opportunity, being able to talk face to face with him, smile and laugh with no formal protocol.

~saya yg sangat lapar~


tini said...

kontrol ayu nyer pasal sampai berlapar yer :) mesti nak ambik makanan lebih takut org pandang serong jer ahahahah

aida said...

kalau aku, ada ceo ke tade ke, aku belasah makan.. tak caya tanya aini

myjulieyana said...

yati, kita dok mengadap face to face di hujung meja.. lagila tak lalu makan.. sbb bila dia cakap off course dia akan tgk straight ke depan dulu.. tetiba perut jadi kenyang.. hehe.. time session kite pon dia tanya gak pasal maps.. nobody answered and just smile..

lagi satu, killer question: what is your career plan? ker "up to HR"? ker "by chance"? kite dgn selambenye menjawab.. kalau saya - by chance kot.. then gelak.. hehe

dah sarat mengandung pon tetap pegi mengadap.. huhu.. once in a lifetime je kot..