05 June 2007

I'm back!
Some important notes on our cuti-cuti balik kelantan:

- managed to eat nasi berlauk and nasi dagang for breakfast every morning...jgn jeles!
- grab 4 blouse and 4 tudung at rantau panjang/pengkalan kubur, also baju and topeng spiderman for Idlan hehe
- ate sate ikan panas2 with sos manis kaler pink 2 times...mmg puas :)
- Idlan finally gets closer with my brother after he lends Idlan his two shell cars, if not idlan would never dare to look up at his face
- Idlan and his cousin, Hana gets along very well during the whole 5 days they spent together
- B got diarrheoa and angin2 from Sunday until today
- i drove from Kelantan to Terengganu on sunday and we stayed at pantai batu buruk, but didnt go to pasar payang bcoz B still not ok
- and yesterday i drove from terengganu to KL for 8 hours alone bcoz B's stomach still not stable
- It's fun and much better to be a driver rather than becomes a back passenger :) except that i have to continuously eat sweets and mentos to avoid getting sleepy

Today the two men of the house still 'holidaying' at home, B still not 100% ok while idlan suddenly got his right's eye infected. And me, being forced to go to ofis bcoz i need to submit my pic for tomorrow's breakfast with Dato', the girl from yayasan kept on calling me since last week asking for my profile and pics...boring betul.

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aida said...

jangan lupa tapau kat aku makanan free bersama CEO tu :)