08 February 2009

bumbo seat

I desperately need a bumbo seat for Firas!
Willing to let go yours? plizz msg me appreciate that :)

He detest to be seated in rocker while i feed him.
Prefer to seat or have ppl to stand him up all the time.
I got only two hands available, one to hold the spoon, another to standby
and grab his hands as he eats and sucks fingers concurrently.
He, in fact loves his fingers big time...more than anything else we could offer :p


Farra said...

bumbo seat tu mahai gak ek?

u have been tagged!! :D

yatipruzz said...

rm199 tak silap aku.
rugi beli baru...kejap je pakai nnt :p

laydida said...

cuba la beli walker. zafyra dulu pun gitu gak. we resorted to finding something that allows her to be mobile dgn selamat + bole guna utk feeding. well,it went well up until now :)

yatipruzz said...

bos dgn baik hati kasik pinjam dia nyer bumbo seat :))

walker? penah terpk tapi takut nak guna pasal dia baru 6mths. ok ke sekecik tu naik walker? idlan never use walker so we cant tell much

laydida said...

zafyra started walker-ing masa 5mo++. walker tu boleh adjust its height acc. to baby's height.as long as firas bole berdiri tegap when u hold him it shud be fine. with it, u'll have an extra hand nak manage other stuffs.

my rule of thumb is always never leave your child unattended. despite the so many safety features introduced to a child gear, it could cause danger to the child if they are poorly attended :)