06 February 2009

solid food

Firas officially had his first taste of solid food today!
Initially i planned to wait till he reaches exactly 6 m-o.
But anyway it's just 2-3 days ahead...so sementara tgh cuti ni why not i try and see how it goes.
Plus i think he's more than ready into it. Asyik hisap jari, saliva meleleh2 tak igt...concentrate tgk org lain makan...well i guess that's justified already :)
Today's menu is rice+dates.
He seems can't get enough of it...a gud beginning sign okeh :)
Tapi in the middle of eating tu dukla sibuk hisap jari dia.
Jari lagi sedap kots?
and mama pon sempatla mengupdate blog and chat ngan auntie semah hehe

bubur kurma
hisap jari sambil makan
@ An Nur time warded ari tuh

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