23 February 2009

susu oh susu

All of a sudden my daily supplies drop quite considerably. Problem gets heighten when firas suddenly takes 23-24oz daily instead of the normal 18oz previously. Dunno what went wrong, but perhaps one of it was due to me lacking in taking water.

Notwithstanding that I didn’t do anything to fix the problem, the only thing I did was telling my husband “ehh susu dah kurang la!”

This morning I just had a quick conversation with the pro bf mom a.k.a sifoo Pn Limau…and after telling her this and that, my spirit uplifted again! Well for starting I need to increase my pumping session, apart from that I shall try eating some foods that some says can boost up the milk supplies.

Hmm perjalanan masih jauh. Let’s just hope I can reach my 1 yr target as planned.

On unrelated note, we just bought a walker for firas yesterday, hoping the gear would somehow ease me during feeding time. He, at times really drives my nerves when he lentuk2 kan kepala ke belakang trying to get out of the bumbo. Kalo terbalik sommersault ke belakang tak ke haru tuh :p

And ohh, I got the chance to feed firas inside Parkson’s fitting room yesterday. They place a bench inside it, so comfy! But having mirrors all over the wall, it doesn’t help much since firas was more excited looking into them instead of mama’s bo#bs :p
Dan si abang semlm, almost made us broke sebab terlanggar pinggan2 berkilauan time berlari-larian dlm tuh. Mujur tak jatuh!!!


Farra said...

Ab/Mwdh ( dah tak ingat yg mana satu) pernah pecahkan 1 gelas kat Pizza Hut..tak kene bayor

don't worry about ur milk..nanti lg susut okii

Kopi Suam said...

Yati jom tgk gambo muffin kat blog akak...

nanti awak leh le buat camtu plak untk business :)

Anonymous said...

idlan dulu tak naik walker ke yati? su sume recycle lutfinyer je..tahan lagik..itupun lutfi dulu dpt hadiah opismate abah die kasi walker tu...

lutfi dulu naik yg sepupu nyer jugak..ade dua walker..satu kat baby sitter n satu kat umah...yg sepupunyer punye tu dah koyak kat seat die..tapi su jahit n tampal kain kat situ..skang ni adik diorang plaks naik..heheheh

skang ni sume dah simpan benda2 tu..heheh..sumenyer dah berlari...kakakak


yatipruzz said...

idlan dulu tak...we refrain ourselves from beli..sbb duk surf2 website ckp walker bahaya. Tapi adik dia ni payah nak kawal sket hehe. Tu pon dia x suke duk lam walker..x sampai 10 min dah bising nak kuar!