01 October 2009

Few of my friends asked whether I still breastfeeding Firas.

Yes the journey is still on…though the facts that I already supplement him with formula ever since I got admitted into hospital last month. When I was on MC, the pumping routine continued as usual since firas was sent to nursery during daytime. Now that I’m back into office, the regime stays the same only that I do it twice per day. At most I’ll get 10oz in total, so Firas will be taking 2 bottles of EBM and 2 bottles of formula at the nursery. I notice he doesn’t favor the taste of the formula, in another way I’m glad that he still likes my b**ast. Or could it be that the dutch lady 123 doesn’t taste as good as what his brother is consuming (that is enfakid haha :p) So far his bowel movement is good… no problem to pass motion unlike Idlan who persistently having the constipation problem years ago that resorted us to finally changed to Enfa.

So adik, so long as you stay active and healthy, kita remain dutch lady je la ok? Besides you‘ll continue benefitting from your mama’s precious milk so long as the production is there insya allah :)


atulhani said...

anak2 sedara saya ramai minum dutch lady 123.. termasuk anak kakak saya yang sebelum ni semua susu dia tak suka.. ok kot susu tu...

y@tipruzz said...

ye ke hehe.
tapi yg pasti sgt menjimatkan :p