03 July 2012

10 yrs already! i lurve u T*!!

Tq dear company...for the hard n pain we've endured together. For revealing the truth meaning of patience n passion. For teaching the harder way of climbing up with own's strength rather than relying on others. And for the good news that all of us..the so-called 'amongst the most loyal worker in the co' have been hoping n dreaming for.

Most importantly, tq for funding my degree n masters degree..that i dun hv to worry my parents to dig in their pockets for the education funds.

Jasamu kukenang!!

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Ummu Auni said...

hehe..setia bersama..

Pruzenco said...

You are sooooo committed!

Anonymous said...

mett..hari ni genap 9 tahun 1 bulan kita with T* ... jauh lagi nak pencen..entah mampu stay ke tak. huhuhu