02 July 2012

KAFA's result

We were at hb's hometown in Kedah over the weekend when Idlan said Ustazah Yani texted my hb telling that he got no 1 in class. Syukur!! Tak sia2 study before pegi Perth dulu hihi

This is the first yr Idlan going to Kafa. As some of u might know, idlan went to Abim for his Year 1 in school. It was really a tough decision when we finally decided to change his school comes Year 2. But alhamdulillah, we're satisfied wth Kafa's syllabus & the teachers thus far.

He got 5 subjects altogether, which some of the contents were really good that even neither of us have the chance to learn it years back. Sifat2 wajib & mustahil bagi Allah, dalil aqli & naqli supporting these, adab masuk ke masjid & menjaga mashaf AlQuran...those to name a few. When idlan is doing his revision, it was wholly a new knowledge for me altogether! Mama pun sama2 bz menghafal dgn anak hehe...maksud qidam, baqa', fana'...semua benda baru buat mama!

Some may think the workloads n subjects at sekolah agama are too burdensome for the kids, but so far in this Kafa it's still tolerable. Takde homework langsung okey..bukak buku time nk ujian or exam je :) Then every Thursday n Friday night is mengaji time from 8-10pm. I know some of the parents dont enroll their kids to sek agama for certain reasons, but i personally think the coverage is good for early exposure to our kids. Even myself didnt go to sek agama which explains why my knowledge for b.arab is zero. ..and i entirely hv to rely to hb to teach idlan huhu sgt rugi kan!

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