30 July 2012

Day 8

Sorry for keeping u guys bored with the food updates. Frankly i hv other issues that distracts my focus on work. But lets not dwell much on that. Buang karen jer hoho

For today's iftar we had asam pedas ikan kembung, udang goreng daun kari+black pepper & sayur campur. Also kek batik for dessert. I must say that kek batik is yatipruzz signature when it comes to the month of ramadhan :)

Right after Asar we went to Yummie to buy some ingredients for my biskut raya project. Secure the bahan2 first & later only to think about when to kick off the project haha. Wish i could take few days from my annual leaves..tapi mcm takde harapan jek. Works are too taxing at the moment. Tak menang tangan rasa!

Eh nak tanyer u ols yg expert wat biskut...tepung rose utk kasi biskut rangup kan? Kalau tak guna & just replace with normal flour + corn flour ok jugak kan??

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