12 August 2012

Almost Famos Amos Chocolate Chips Cookies

This recipe definitely is a keeper! I had my first bite into these cookies somewhere last yr..during eid i think..prepared by my sil. Rasa dia..oh my sedap sgt!! Asked my sil the origin..n she said it was taken from Rima's.

Ahh no wonder lah. Anything from Rima's insya Allah mesti sedap punyerlah. Tried n tested! Hehe

So this yr i decided to try out this recipe. Actually the ingredients are almost the same wth cchips cookies that i normally do since years back. Except the 1st step..where u'll beat the eggs n coffee oil n refrigerate them overnight. Ah that's the tricky part..or i must say..the secret to its best aroma!

So here's a copy of the recipe. Make sure u give a review to Rima ok..she'd be glad to hear it 1st hand from all of u :)


To sis Rima, thanx again for the wonderful recipe!

Hv a nice weekend peeps!

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Liza said...

Nmpak sgt sedap... Masa 1st pregnant, mmg slalu lyn famous amous.. :)

y@tipruzz said...

Silalah buat!! Nnt review ok :)

Smiley said...

ok sedap
tp tempat ke 3 in this houz