30 August 2012

Phuket Day 2

 Before i forget, this is the picture of our minibus. sgt selesa and canggih!

Day 2 started off pretty late. We promised to meet up with our tour driver at 1030am for the city-tour. Hence took the chance to have a short stroll towards Patong beach and its surrounding. We didn’t see many people, probably because it was still early in the morning. There were few dogs at the beach, but they don’t disturb human (lucky!). Patong beach is not that beautiful as what we expected or always heard from people…I’d say nothing much to shout about..so-so jer. So pusing2 and taking few pictures of our family…then it started to rain with occasional strong heavy winds..harus lari laju kembali ke hotel!

 @ Patong beach

 with nek umi & paksu!

 yatipruzz :p

 our small family :)

 abg ngah yg cheeky

 the ladies

 my sweetie pie

The driver arrived on time, so then we hop on the minibus to start off the tour. First destination is souvenir shop located in Phuket town. Can’t remember the shop name. The owner is Indonesian (they really brilliant eh kat thai wat biz kat aussie pon pandai wat biz!) and he claimed that his shop sells the cheapest t-shirt in town. But later during our last night we figure out that his is not the cheapest!!! sgt bengang rasa okeh!! We bought 5 t-shirts in his shop. Adult 169baht, kids 129-139baht. Then I got myself a small pouch bag at 129baht. Also a fridge magnet at 39baht. Mahal jugak FM tuh…bengang lagi! Anyway this shop also got printing service at the back of the shop ala2 small factory. They sell wholesale t-shirts and supposedly it must be cheaper than retail la kan tapi tidakkkk. Takperla lesson learnt, yg pasti never trust the tour guide or driver as they must have received a certain % of commission for tourists like us.

Kilang t-shirt tuh.  pic courtesy from Farra

After that we asked the driver to take us to Premium Outlet..ala2 JPO dekat mesia where the place houses lotsa high end boutique ranging from Nike, Adidas, Crocs, Wacoal, etc. Kind of excited this time as I plan to get a sneaker shoe or casual shoe for outing. Tapi agak hampa okeh..the prices are quite expensive, not as cheap as it should be…at least outlet kat hong kong and perth lagi murah. Adidas or Nike kat al-ikhsan pon lagi murah haha.  So after hours of searching and looking for items I ended up buying 1 blouse only at 399baht. Dah selamat rasmi pon hehe. My bro bought a pair of Crocs for his son…around RM20 cheaper than Malaysia. So in conclusion, you can choose not to stop at this Premium Outlet pon, not worth the time and money. 

 so this is the Premium Outlet

Next stop is lunch!! Perut sudah lapar banget hehe. The driver pulled a stop at one of restaurants along the road (cannot remember which road and the restaurant name). We had sup daging, sayur, ikan pari asam pedas (very think I like!!), 1pcs fried chicken and 3 teh-o ais and paid for 270baht only! super cheap kan…dalam RM4 satu kepala.  My bro had kerabu mangga…sgt sedap jugakkk. Lepas perut kenyang dan hati gembira we headed to a mosque to perform our solat jamak Zohor/Asar.

Then the driver suggested for us to go to cashew nut factory. Konon macam tempat wajib bila sampai Phuket nih. Okla the factory sells lotsa of cashew nuts in lotsa flavor – hot, buttered, salted, tom yam, sesame seeds, BBQ and many more. Kenyang ok pulun tester dia haha…dah kasik free kan pulun jangan tak pulun. Apart from selling cashew nuts this place also sell dried asam jeruk, some keropok, ikan bilis, tom yam gravy and also some souvenirs. Haa FM kat sini quite cheap, dlm 25baht only! After puas do all the testing and whatnots, we ended up buying 2 bottles and 1 medium packet of cashew nuts…nk beli bebyk takleh  mahal sgt!

 in front of cashew nut factory

Our last stop of the day is Kusuma Seafood Restaurant, that is for dinner. Sgt glamer ini restoran tau, highly recommended by many forumers. Lucky sgt dekat with our hotel, around 5 min walking distance. So we ordered tomyam gung (sgt sedappp but very spicy as well), sotong goreng tepung (sgt sedappp menjilat jari!) kalian ikan masin, and kerapu bakar (so-so jer, dia nyer marinate tak best tapi ikan sgt fresh!). Total is 2650baht – but that includes my bro’s order as well…cant remember his but for sure ade tomyam, sayur campur and nasi goreng ketam. Tq to nek umi sebab blanjer kami! hehe. Overall rating 8/10…food sedap, price murah! Oh they also sell lobster tau..if not mistaken RM150/kg…

 the owner whom married to a thai woman

 tomyam sgt sedap

 sotong goreng tepung..sgt sedappp

 kailan ikan masin.

 kerapu bakar

 Our catch of the day at kilang t-shirt

 cashew nuts yg sgt sedap...yg pedas and perisa bijan tu superb! Botol 195baht, packet 175baht. Yang salted and buttered biasa jela.

posing maut dari ammar yg masih galok and aktif walaupon org lain dah flat!

Balik bilik lepas solat and refresh terus tido. Nek umi went down to the hotel spa for facial and body massage at 1000baht. Katanya massage ok, tapi facial biasa2 jer.

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