03 August 2012

Paprik...it's Idlan's favourite!

When your son says this to you..how would you feel?

Idlan nak bukak puasa hari2 lauk paprik.

Idlan nak mama masak paprik hari2.

It's either your paprik was wayyyy too good....or it's kind of addiction-related thingy hoho

Anyway, we also had tomyam campur last few day. Me whenever having migrain will need to have some dosage of tomyam to cure the pain.

Phychological myth or fact..i dunno.

I just lose the energy to write these days. Works are too taxing that i feel like taking mc for a week. Actually a month would be much better. Ahhhhh bosan!

Sangat bz to the extent i cannot decide for my own birthday gift. Sadis.

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1 comment:

atulhani said...

Laa ingt akk nk share resepi paprik akk. Share la, bley sy try plak pasni..