31 August 2012

Devil's food chocolate cake

Honestly i can't remember when was the last time i baked this cake. It's my favourite, as well as hubby's, and also my family :) This time around i received a message from my neighbour 2 days ago, asking whether i still do the baking. Haha probably because of my lesser (or actually NO) updates at all on the cake pictures either in blog or FB. Blame it to the laden office works, that i seriously forget my interest on other things including baking.

Anyway this jiran of mine asked if i could bake a cake for her only daughter. Going to be 3 yrs tomorrow. She wanted the same cake that i baked for her hubby early this year. That is the devil's food cake. Disukai ramai katanya :) So here we go..a devil's cake for her daughter..but with a more colorful appearance :p

comel kan? ada bentuk duck, strawberry, nenas, pisang, bulan, star, etc. I bought this sugar candy masa bulan puasa hari tuh. Tgh cari bahan buat biskut ternampak benda alah nih...ahh kiutnye cannot resist not to buy! hehe

Full view DFCC. It's a chocolate cake sandwiched with cream cheese in the middle. And covered with cream cheese for the whole cake. Later i have choc ganache poured on it. sgt sinful! and marbeles! I use Beryl's milk chocolate compound this time...sambil potong the chocolate bar tu sambil ngappp...ishh sedap betul beryl's nih...next time kalau buat biskut cornflakes chocolate harus guna brand Beryl's! 1kg going for RM12 only..not bad la kiranya.

ok peeps, Selamat Hari Merdeka! Esok korang pi tgk perbarisan ker??? hehe

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