30 August 2012

Phuket Day 3 - Phi Phi Island

Now is the highlight of our trip, that is snorkeling! We were taken by the minibus to a jetty, where we boarded the ferry around 830am. It was such a huge ferry, can fit 150 passenger at one particular time..ala-ala macam feri Langkawi gitu. We then only knew that the journey to the snorkeling spot is about 1.5 hours..blerghhh that was too long and boring ok!! Had we knew this earlier we would probably take a speedboat instead, which at most will take about ½ hour only. Adoi menyesal! But the price for speedboat of course is more expensive, but it’s very private and suitable for those travelling in small groups. For the price that we paid earlier, we were given free-flow drinks (hot n cold) and snacks (its cheese cake is very delish!). The counter inside the ferry also sells lotsa snacks including maggie, biscuits and chocolates. By taking the ferry, we also just learn the fact that we can only go for snorkeling at one particular spot only i.e. in Monkey beach. The rest of the journey was just sight-seeing and touring around some small island like Maya beach (the most beautiful island as it claimed where it features the ‘Beach’ film) and ape lagi ntah nama beach I forgot already. Arghh tension lagik…snorkeling sekali je apa kes??? geram geram geram but what to do, our fault that we did not ask in detail when doing the booking for island tour package earlier grrrrrrrrrr. Nak sampai pulau dah 1.5hr, then snorkeling at one spot within an hour? yes u read me within an hour only…geram sgt okeh. My dear Firas and Ammar slept for few minutes before we reached the snorkeling spot…bosan sgt kot tunggu lambat nak sampai.

kids having fun in the ferry

merenung ombak laut

breastfeeding time! anywhere anytime hihi

syiok dpt angin fresh

i think this is the Monkey beach..tak igt sgt dah :p
one of the island

Our package already included the snorkeling gear i.e. mask, life jacket and google. I went down with hubby for snorkeling, while nek umi wathing over my kids…tq nek umi! To our frustration, nothing much can be found under the sea. Same color of fish (blue and yellow stripey) again and again, and dead single color coral. No living coral was spotted at all. Tension lagik? haha sudah semestinya! It wasn’t a good experience to us, and I believe to everyone who booked for the package. I think that tour guide had bring us to a wrong spot…tak cantik langsung! Redang is 10x nicer than this Phi Phi Island! But again you must’ve heard that lotsa people said Phuket is nice. well probably those people went for snorkeling via a speedboat, and they managed to go to secluded and much nicer spot than us. So salahkan feri yg besar gabak tu haha! Oh anyway Idlan did went down into the sea using my life jacket, but he refused to use the google..lemas katanya hehe so dia floating jela. Same to Mawaddah, sakan swimming and floating guna life jacket :)

So then after we had ‘enough’ of snorkeling within the allocated 1 hr time, we then headed to Phi Phi Island/Phi Phi Don for lunch. Had our lunch at Princess Restaurant…they served wide spread of buffet considered ok la…ada spaghetti Bolognese, nasi putih with ayam masak lemak, drummet, sup sayur, sayur campur, tembikai, hot n cold drinks. We had to pay 20baht/adult for entry into the Phi Phi Island, kids are FOC. There are quite a number of stalls and shops selling souvenirs and local-made items, but we didn’t have enough time to scout around. Right immediately after lunch we took the kids to the beach to play pasir and mandi-manda. Pity the kids as majority of them didn’t go for snorkeling, cuma menunggu atas boat je huhu. It was blazing hot that time, mmg matahari tegak atas kepala…tak larat nak mandi lama-lama. We were asked to return to the ferry at 2.20pm, so rushing pegi toilet to shower and change the kids. Diri sendiri tak sempat nak change pon sbb queue panjang!

the entrance to Phi Phi Island
Princess Restaurant @ Phi Phi Island

the lunch spread

kids by the beach. kejap je dpt mandi sian derang tak puas!

otw back to Phuket jetty...terpaksa duk luar sbb dalam penuh. Seat patutnya cukup, tapi ada org selfish siap conquer 2-3 seats sorang utk baring and tido..hampes!
majority slept thru out the journey back to jetty..penat sgt!

okla ai pon dah penat type...tbc ok :)


atulhani said...

Sy dulu pun gi Phi Phi Island trip.. naik speedboat from Krabi/Aonang Beach.. dah la masa tu peknen 3 bulan++, tawakkal aje.. tp lupa dunia gak la, swimming kat Bamboo Beach, snorkeling lagi.. hihi

Apa2 pun, Thailand mmg best for vacation..

y@tipruzz said...

Cantik tak? Kami takmo gi dah pantai thailand...mesia lg cun hihi