18 July 2013

Cendawan goreng tepung anyone?

Some of the working moms out there might running out of idea what to cook for iftar after we enter into the 2nd week of Ramadhan. As for myself, i stick to my very own iftar menu that i've made since few yrs ago as reference. It will be good if you can prepare your one-week menu upfront, easier to plan what to cook for that particular day and defrost your lauk so to speak. Also it works well when it comes to groceries shopping for the week :) Well my iftar menu was not as extravagant as others i bet. Simple and fast, that's the 2 basic principles for weekdays menu hehe. So no rendang or complicated menu is on the list definitely. On weekend, i'll normally prepare something extra like dessert or so, and stock it up to last for at least a week. So far we still haven't set foot to any bazar ramadhan nearby, and i think home-cooked meals are still the best even though it may appear so simple and lack of presentation :p So back to the title, i think many of you have try to make this so-called cendawan goreng tepung before. As for me, this is my first time and the verdict? ohh i just love it!! Simple, tasty and sounds very healthy hehe

My version of cendawan goreng tepung. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper onto the all purpose flour. Soak the mushroom inside your beaten egg, and coat with the flour mixture. Fry for few minutes until golden brown and that's it!
This is my eldest favourite i.e. sotong goreng tepung. So for yesterday's iftar i had a batch of cendawan goreng tepung, sotong goreng tepung, sotong masak kicap and tenggiri goreng bercili. Uhh fully-loaded but alhamdulillah no wastage :)

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